New Mazda 3 Astina G25 Hatch – Price Guide

Mazda3 Astina G25 Hatch

Want the best price on a New Mazda 3 Astina Hatch? Read this and save money now.

A local customer approached me to assist in the purchase of a Mazda 3 Astina G25 hatch.

I sent out tender requests to seven Mazda dealers on the car and did some research online as well.

According to the Mazda website, the drive away price for the Mazda 3 Astina with the larger 2.5-litre engine was $42,983 including window tinting, Mazda mats (4) and a rear cargo protector.

Now, this particular Mazda3 is one nice car. I tested it a few weeks ago and you can read my review at my car review website – The Car Guy. Click on the link to go there.

New Mazda 3 Astina Hatch Price Guide
Mazda 3 Astina Hatch in optional Soul Red Crystal

So how did I go? Well, I was pretty pleased with the outcome and Joe was too.

Factory Price                                   $42,983 including accessories

Offer 1                                              $37,855

Offer 2                                              $38,305

Offer 3                                              $38,610

Offer 4                                              $37,754

Offer 5                                              $38,105

Offer 6                                          $37,695

 So the best price I was able to get for Joe was over $5,000 better than the advertised price online, and the best offer was nearly $1000 better than the highest offer.

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