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So you’ve purchased your new car and think that’s the end of paying money. Think again. After the vehicle purchase comes the presentation of ‘aftermarket products’, usually by a female who’s very clever when it comes to that presentation

I’m often asked whether Paint Protection, dash cameras, window tinting and other accessories are necessary for modern cars

I’m not an advocate for paint protection. If you have the time to maintain your car then avoid paint protection. Window Tinting and Dash Cameras, on the other hand are fitted to my personal cars, so I’m ok with those.

Ceramic Paint Protection may make your new car look fabulous for now, but is it worth the money?

I have seen however, professional ‘paint correction’  done on new cars and I must say that the finish is quite extraordinary. And looks great, at least for a while. Ceramic paint protection, on a new car is guaranteed by the applicator company. The guarantee is the most valuable thing when you’re paying nearly $2000.

So if you’re someone who really doesn’t have the time to look after the paintwork on your car, then a paint protection with a guarantee is your best insurance.

The applicators are sure that after a few years you won’t make a claim against your guarantee so most of what they charge, less the application fee, is profit for them. Same applies for most other products such as window tinting and interior protection. At least with window tinting you have a product that you can see and one that does the job of protecting you and your passengers from harsh sun damage and sunburn

Window tinting is one of the aftermarket products I do recommend. But make sure you’re not paying too much

However, new car dealers have a process where they ‘set up’ the customer for their Aftermarket Consultant or Delivery Coordinator to sell the products

Before Covid, the profit from aftermarket sales was often the only ‘front’ profit that a dealership made, along with the profit from selling finance and insurance

With Covid still affecting delivery timing and dealers getting a lot less new car stock than they need, they’re making a great profit result on new cars. But don’t thin for a moment that this profit on the new car wouldaffect aftermarket sales.

The Department within a dealership is still making between $500 and $700  on average for every new car sold

I’m currently with a prospective customer on a new Mitsubishi.

He’s been quoted between “$2000 and $3000 for window tinting and paint protection. That variation is just setting the customer up for a close by the consultant and even then I can still save this customer a lot

Here are some comparisons to get your mind around

ProductNew Car Dealer PriceCar Business Trade PriceSaving
Window Tint – Regular$695$445$150
Window Tint – Ceramic$795$595$200
Paint Protection – Ceramic$1895$1070$825
Ceramic Paint, Ceramic Tint and Interior$2695$1665$1030
Dash Cameras (Front & Rear)$1695$1080$615
E Rust$1195Not Recommended
New car dealer prices were quoted by a franchise dealer on 6th Feb 2023
I’m an advocate for dash cameras (front and rear) in your new car, but don’t pay too much for them
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