New Car Deliveries | New Customers | New Friends – September 2021

New car deliveries

I’m always pleased to look after people looking for a new or near-new car. Here are a few of my customers from late August and early September.

It’s my goal to give new car buyers a choice by disrupting the traditional new car sales process. Still today, dealers and their sales staff use the traditional and terribly outdated ‘road to the sale’ process. That really isn’ the way that new car sales should be handled in the current decade

I’ve found very clearly through my new car brokerage company, Car Business, that prospective new car buyers just want to get the best price available without the stress and b/s. New car salespeople and their managers are still locked in the ‘old way’ of doing business. Typically they won’t give a customer a price, becasue they fear that their price will be shopped to other dealers.

It’s not the way that we do it at Car Business.

After carefully determining the exact brand. model, factory options and accessories that my customer requires (and more so the ones that they shouldnt want) I send out a tender to the dealers on my ‘preferred dealer’ list.

These are dealers that have demonstrated the ability to meet my requirements. It might be one or two or even seven or eight, but always dealers with credibility and a history of doing the right thing.

Collectively with these new car buyers, I’ve saved them cumulatively around $45,000 off the purchase price of their new car

Put me and Car Business to the test. If I can’t save you money on your new car purchase, there’s nothing to pay at all.

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