Stamp Duty Calculator for Vehicles (Cars) in Queensland

  • To easily determine the correct stamp duty for your purchase, round up to the nearest $100 Example, $30, 256 rounds UP to $30, 300. $100,001 rounds UP to $100,100
  • In Queensland, Stamp Duty on a new car is calculated on the full retail price of the vehicle, before discounts For used cars, the market value or selling price (which ever is the greater) determines duty payable
  • It is an offence to attempt to reduce the amount of duty payable. Office of State Revenue will take action against any person or busines attempting to unlawfully reduce stamp duty
  • This is a simple calculator designed to assist new and used car buyers in Queensland. Results are approximate only. It is not a substitute for professional advice

If you’d like to calculate all of your vehicle statutory charges, including Registration, Stamp Duty and Compulsory Third-Party Insurance costs, visit:

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