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Car Business - Any New Car Cheaper

Any New Car Cheaper – From Where?

Hi. Bob Aldons from Car Business reporting in and how to purchase Any New Car Cheaper. I get a lot of enquiries from south-east Queensland, in fact most come from between Bundaberg and Tweed Heads and west to Warwick and …

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Queensland road Toll

Queensland Road Toll – 4 dead in 24 Hours

It’s never a good story to read – 4 drivers dead on Queensland roads in 24 hours Bloody idiots When will people learn to drive not only to the conditions, but as importantly to their abilities?  This Queensland Government or …

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Honda Civic RS Auto Hatch

Honda Civic RS Auto Hatch Price Guide

I was approached to assist with the purchase of a new Honda Civic RS Auto Hatch for a customer recently. On the Honda Civic RS, Honda Australia are promoting a drive away price of $37,016 drive away 9in Queensland) with …

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New Audi A4 Buy a car

Is it time to buy a new car?

Since early March, business for most of the new car dealers in Australia has virtually stopped. April Year on Year figures have the industry down over 48% and that hurts. Prospective new car buyers have decided that it’s not the …

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Before You Buy

Before You Buy Your New Car (or anything else)

“Everybody hates buying a new car” I’m Bob Aldons from Car Business and The Car Guy. The place where new car buyers save serious money (thousands) on the purchase of their next new car AND get honest opinions on the cars that I review. …

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New Cars, Corona Virus

New Cars, Corona Virus and Getting a Great Deal

Now more so than ever, prospective new car buyers are reluctant to visit new car dealers and I can understand why. Corona Virus or Covid-19 is causing major disruption to the auto industry and particularly the purchase of new cars. …

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Volkswagen Touareg Premium

Volkswagen Touareg Premium Price Guide

I was contacted by a local couple wanting to trade their 14-year-old Mitsubishi Sedan on a new Volkswagen Touareg. Big jump for them, but they’d done their homework before coming to me. A dealer had quoted them $113,000 for a …

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Mazda Korean Buyers

hangug chingudeul-ege bangabseubnida

ihaehagi eolyeobdamyeon gyeomsonhage sagwa haejusibsio. Google beon-yeog-eul sayonghayeo dan-eoleul yeong-eoeseo hangug-eolo byeongyeonghago issseubnida sijang-e nawaseo sae cha, modeun beulaendeu, modeun modeuleul gu-ibhalyeoneun gyeong-u sijang-eseo choesang-ui gagyeog-eul eod-eul su issdolog dowa deulil su issseubnida. jeoneun jeonmunjeog-in sae jadongcha jung-gaein-imyeo yag 15 …

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Super Bowl 2020

Superbowl ads 2020

So you aren’t at all interested in Superbowl and wouldn’t/couldn’t spend the time to watch it. But there are a few reasons to check out this post from and that’s the ads that feature, or at least the car …

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Subaru Forester Premium Price Guide

Subaru Forester Premium Price Guide

I was recently asked to help out Neil and Alison from Karana Downs in Queensland buy a new Subaru Forester Premium, replacing a 2013 Mazda6 Atenza sedan that they’d had from new. Neil has been to see a local dealer …

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Kia Cerato Sport Plus Hatch Price Guide with Trade

Good Grief Charlie Brown – how different and varied are prices on new cars and trade-ins? A local couple, Jean and Bill asked me to obtain some pricing on a new car recently with a trade-in. They were wanting an …

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Kia Cerato Price Guide - Trade-In

Kia Seltos Price Guide – Trade-In

I recently uploaded the story below on the price guide for a new Kia Seltos Sport with Safety Pack. You can read the full story below, but I thought I’d add some amazing information about the TRADE-IN prices I was …

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