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Masters Tournament

My Thoughts – Masters Tournament

Time really flies. It was 34 years ago this year that I went to the 1990 Masters Tournament in the USA Following on from his ‘triple crown’ success in 1989, (Australian PGA, Australian Open and Jonnie Walker Australian Classic), legendary ...
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Interesting Facts About Cars

Where’s my Fuel Cap? Interesting Facts About Cars

How many times have I pulled up at a petrol bowser to find that the fuel tank cover is on the otherside? Plenty. For nearly 40 weeks per year, I’m in someone else’s car other than my own I write ...
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Nothing to do with Cars

I came across this youtube video last weekend. And it’s nothing at all to do with cars, but it does have three legendary golfers in it EA Sports used this back in 2013 to launch Tiger Woods PGA 14 While ...
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Transporting a Car

Don’t Get Ripped Off When Transporting a Car Interstate

You’d likely be looking to move a car from one state to another for two reasons: moving house or buying a car online. If you fall into one of these categories, good news, you’re in the right place. In this ...
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New Car Rip Off - Kia Picanto

‘New Car’ Rip Off – Don’t Let it be You

A customer asked me to locate a new Kia Picanto S Auto Hatch for her. Stock of this model is difficult to find. It’s on run out with the new model due late in 2023 or perhaps even out to ...
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Not Happy to Wait | New Vehicle Delays

Car makers, dealers ‘misleading’ Qld customers on wait times Leading car manufacturers and dealers have been accused of misleading Queensland customers on the true wait times for new vehicle deliveries. But they say they are also being deceived. Matty Holdsworth ...
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It was 45 years ago today | 16th Feb 1978

And, no, that’s not a revised version of the Beetles song from Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band On the 16th February 1978, I started in the automotive industry as a trainee fleet salesman for Torque Ford at Strathpine in ...
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odometer windback

Odometer Windback | Too Easy

I was asked to provide Channel 9 some thoughts on odometer windbacks for their nightly news bulletin. Clare Todhunter was researching the odometer windback problem in the local Brisbane market. I wasn’t aware that it was a such a problem, ...
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Car Dealer Aftermarket Prices are Too Expensive – Buy at Trade Price and Save

So you’ve purchased your new car and think that’s the end of paying money. Think again. After the vehicle purchase comes the presentation of ‘aftermarket products’, usually by a female who’s very clever when it comes to that presentation I’m ...
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Any New Car Cheaper | Getting the process right

Hello. Bob Aldons from Car Business. I deal with a lot of prospective customers every week. These people are sent to me by my current customers, those I dealt with from Torque Ford and Toyota, Northstar brands and a lot ...
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Serious Vandalism

Serious Vandalism | Rothwell | Jan 2023

I’ve had my business at Rothwell, near Bunnings for over 12 months and during this time, I’ve not had or seen any serious vandalism, until recently. There have been two Mazda Cx-3’s belonging to a NDIS business parked on Bremner ...
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Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the Trade

It’s far from an easy thing to get the highest possible value for your current car as a trade in Apart from getting great pricing on the new car, one of the more difficult things for a new car purchaser ...
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