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Hi, Bob Aldons, from Car Business. A lot of car buyers are time poor and that’s where Car Business can assist. I shopped around for the best car price and novated lease offer for David and not only saved him $$ but importantly time too.  At Car Business, not only do I remove the stress […]

Greetings. Bob Aldons from Car Business here. I don’t typically comment on politics on my blog. My customers range from left-leaning unionists to very right-wing conservatives. I don’t discriminate with customers and they don’t either. The Federal Election in 11 days time will probably see a change to Labor (if the polls are correct) or […]

Hi, Bob Aldons, from Car Business with a road safety story just two days before Christmas. “Twas  2 days before Christmas and all through the city, cars are driving unroadworthy – isn’t that a pity.” So forgive my take on the “Night Before Christmas” but what I’m writing about is very serious, particularly as regards […]

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