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I was asked to provide Channel 9 some thoughts on odometer windbacks for their nightly news bulletin. Clare Todhunter was researching the odometer windback problem in the local Brisbane market.

I wasn’t aware that it was a such a problem, but soon found that it is. Queensland Police has shut down a Logan City based operation late in 2022 that had ‘compromised’ nearly 700 vehicles. So what does odometer windback mean for the average used car buyer.

Quite simply a fairly late model car, particulalry with digital connectivity can be wound back. If it was a 5 year old vehicle with say 300,000 kilometres, but in very good condition, criminals are winding the odometer back to 80,000 kilometres and representing the vehicle as a ‘low kilometre’ version. The vehicle they’d purchased for $8000 was sold for nearly $50,000.

What advantages does a consumer receive when they deal with a new car broker such as Car Business

Working with a new car broker like Car Business can offer several advantages to a consumer, including:

  1. Time and convenience: A new car broker can save the consumer time and hassle by handling the research, negotiation, and paperwork involved in buying a car. This allows the consumer to focus on other important tasks and priorities.
  2. Access to a broader range of vehicles: Brokers typically have access to an extensive network of dealerships and suppliers, giving consumers a more comprehensive range of options for finding the right car at the right price.
  3. Expertise and knowledge: A good car broker has expertise and knowledge in the car buying process, including pricing, financing, and negotiating. This can be especially helpful for consumers unfamiliar with the car-buying process’s ins and outs.
  4. Price negotiation: A car broker can negotiate prices and financing terms on behalf of the consumer, potentially saving them money in the process.
  5. Transparency and objectivity: Because a car broker works on behalf of the consumer, they can provide an objective perspective on the car buying process and help ensure that the consumer gets a fair deal.
  6. Customer service: A car broker can provide personalized customer service and support, including handling any issues that may arise during the car buying process. This can be especially helpful for consumers who want a more hands-on approach to buying a car.

However, it is important to note that working with Car Business will involve a fee. Customers should be aware of our fee structure and factor that into their decision-making process. The fee structure is simple and available before entering any agreement.

Why do car brokers get better deals than I can on my own

As a new car broker, I buy hundreds of cars a year. You, on your own probably buy 1 every four or five years

          The new car dealers I contact want as much of my business as possible. I speak with their senior managers (Fleet managers, General Managers and Owners) to get the best prices for my customers.

Dealers want to make as much as they can. In Australia the average profit per new car sold is around $3500. Because I buy a lot of their brand, they’re prepared to give me a lot of that margin. They still make a good profit, but that’s spread over say 20 cars a year.

Most of the vehicles are very desirable 4WD’s or SUV’s – a lot of Toyota Landcruisers, Hilux and the like

When I started in the industry in 1978, it was a simple matter to wind back the odometer. The perpetrator could use something as simple as a drill, connect it to the speedo cable and press the button. Job done.

Nowadays with computer or digital technology it’s even easier. People are purchasing scan tools online which make the job pretty simple. And you don’t need to be a mechanic/technician to do it. In fact you can even follow the instructions on Youtube like this one.

Easy Porsche Mileage Adjustment Change KM – 4 Minute Job & How To Guide

So how do I suggest you check? Firstly if you’re buying a used car, you should check the owners service book for the history. If the car doesn’t have a service book, walk away. Another way to check is via an online history check. Websites such as https://www.carhistory.com.au can assist.

However, if you have any doubt as to the validity of the cars history – just walk away. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

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