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What happens when you go into a new car dealer intending to buy a new car?

Actual comments from my customers are that it’s typically a less than pleasant experience. But it’s become even worse during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Here’s some of the feedback, and you’ll probably find it as amazing as me

  • No-one approached me for nearly 20 minutes. I just left
  • The salesperson took almost 15 minutes to approach me – and then asked me what I wanted
  • I said that I was here to look at a BRAND MODEL – “ Sorry we don’t have one to show you. DO you want a brochure
  • I asked for a price. The salesperson said that they don’t quote prices until I’m ready to buy
  • I asked for a price for a new car. The salesperson said I’d have to sign a contract before they’d give me a price
  • I asked for a test drive – the salesperson said they weren’t doing test drives today – could I come back tomorrow?
  • After showing me around the car, the salesperson took me to an office and asked me to order. I said that we hadn’t even discussed the price. He said that the brand had already set out the prices – he showed me the “Brand” online site. Then he said, “Would you like to place an order now.”
  • I asked her for the best price she could do on the “BRAND” “Model” – she said that they couldn’t negotiate – cars were too hard to get.
  • I asked what they could do on a brand model – I was told to go and get another offer and they’d beat it
  • I was asked where I lived? Why? “We do better deals for local people.”

So the question I ask you is whether you want to subject yourself to more of this?

Car Business does things differently.

Any New CAr Cheaper
Tony lives in Bundaberg Qld and I found the best deal for him in Toowoomba

After more than 43 years in the industry, I know how to get around dealership policies like this. I don’t deal with retail salespeople; instead, I’m generally dealing with their senior managers or even the owners of the business

And I buy hundreds of new cars every year, so dealers want my business. But they never get a free ride from me.

I use a precise process every time to get the best prices.

What’s the process?

  • Firstly, I’m very particular with the exact specifications that my customer wants, even down to the vehicle colour and trim
  • I check for factory options, accessories and even some aftermarket products            
    • (There’s some that I’m happy to let you purchase, and others that I think are a waste of your money 
  • My tender goes out to up to 10 dealers for each brand. History tells me that only five or so will respond. But these are the dealers who have historically given me the best deals
  • And depending on their stock or availability, some dealers will submit high prices while others have lower prices.

Why? At particular points in time – end of a month, or end of a quarter, dealers want to hit targets set by the manufacturers.  So they’re keen to get another order to get them closer to their target. 

  • I always do my research to find out what the manufacturers are charging online. Most dealers won’t overcharge, but a few will try
  • Because of the volume of new cars that I buy, dealers treat Car Business as a large fleet company rather than a one-off retail customer.

So after using this system or process for the past 21 years, I think I know my business very well. My expertise will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. And remember, if I can’t save you money on the price you may choose to get yourself, I won’t charge you anything

Get with the process – Car Business – Any New Car Cheaper

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If you want to by your next new car cheaper, get in touch with me

3 thoughts on “Buying a New Car | Avoid the BS”

  1. I have known Bob for many years and have purchased around 10 new cars when he was a Car Dealer.
    I trust Bob to the end of the earth.
    Recently I wanted to purchase a new Lexus NG300h.
    I asked Bob for advice and he ensured that I got the car that I wanted exact colour and the model.
    Brisbane Lexus had the only model and colour that I wanted.
    Bob checked all over Australia and advised me that Brisbane Lexus had the model and his advice was to take it.
    He did a lot of work for me and didn’t charge me a cent.

    1. Hi there Len
      Mate, it’s been a pleasure to look after you over all these years. I do my best to source cars from all over Australia (except Tassie and the NT) but sometimes even I can’t find one. I’m glad that you got what you wanted, even though you had to pay more

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