Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the Trade

It’s far from an easy thing to get the highest possible value for your current car as a trade in

Apart from getting great pricing on the new car, one of the more difficult things for a new car purchaser to deal with is their existing vehicle.

When dealing with new car dealers, the salesperson will appraise their car and ask their valuer to price it. Now I’ve dealt with many valuers in my time in the car business. Typically, they will have a quick walk around the vehicle. They’re looking for obvious signs of expenditure they’ll need to consider for resale

And valuers, who should know, will typically ring their trade contact and ask for an opinion on the value. While they should know, they’re not confident enough to price the car without some backup.

And how does that affect you? Simply you’re relying on someone who doesn’t know the car or the market to offer you a fair price.

Then more often than not, the sales manager will get the value – he’ll typically reduce what he’s received by anywhere from $1000 – $2000, or even more.

Tricks of the Trade
If your Land Rover is as good as this one, you should expect a strong valuation

Suppose the dealership gets it at the first offered price – you beauty for them. The new car department calls that under-trade, and that will be added to the profit on the new car transaction.

There’s a better way, and to start, let me give you an example that I’m working with right now. I’ve been asked to assist a customer in selling the following

2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV, Petrol Auto

I contacted my trade buyers, and here’s what they offered

  1. $31,600       Was the lowest pricie
  2. $32,000
  3. $35,000
  4. $38,000
  5. $41,000
  6. $42,000      The best I was offered
Tricks of the Trade
Don’t believe that the dealer knows as much as they suggest. Check the advised trade value with me before you sign an order

Now because I’m experienced in the trade, I know what to look for (most of the time). I’m aware of the information that they’ll want to give me a firm price. And I also provide a number of pictures for them to review.

If you’re chasing the best price on your potential trade-in, and don’t have the time or inclination to sell it privately, give me a call. While I do charge a fee for service, you can see from the example above that you’ll be way in front.

And finally, it’s your money being spent. You owe it to yourself to minimize the change-over. (Images for illustration purposes only)


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  1. Thank you so much for this information. I’m actually in the process of trading my 2019 Nissan Versa that has 15k miles on it and the info that I got from this content will be very useful for me.

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