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Hello. Bob Aldons from Car Business. I deal with a lot of prospective customers every week. These people are sent to me by my current customers, those I dealt with from Torque Ford and Toyota, Northstar brands and a lot of Referrals from Redcliffe Golf Club and Defence Force members and veterans.

At Car Business – Any New Car Cheaper, I deal with a lot of people every week. They want the best price on the new car they’re considering. My role is to assist them all to purchase their new car, help or advise on the disposal of their current car, finance, insurance and post delivery service

If you decide to do the dealer thing, you’ll immediately feel the pressure. And while some people (male, aged 25-39 in particular) feel that they can do it on their own, the reality is that while they may enjoy themselves, they’re burning a lot of money

Case in point. A small business, not far from where my office is went to a MAzda dealer abotu a Mazda CX-3 Akera. They were quoted $41, 430. Mrs A came to me for advice. I looked at the quotes and suggested that they’d paid $2000 too much. I arranged a quote for them – $39,303 and they not only saved just on $2000 but recevied delivery of their new Mazda 4 weeks later

And I was able to assist iwth the financing of the vehicle through a friendly broker. Saved a bit there too.

At Car Business – Any New Car Cheaper, potential new car buyers come to me with an pretty solid idea of what brand and model they want. Thats the easy part. Some want to sit down to discuss the purchase and I’m happy to do that too. How much has it cost to that point? NOTHING. I earn my fee once the deal has been done not before.

My process is pretty simple. Once deciding on the brand, model and accessories required, I go to the dealers and ask them to quote. Since the Covid Pandemic has slowed down supply of new cars, the prices I get aren’t what they used to be. Manufacturers have increased prices, deleted any financial assistance they normally give to their dealers and trying to get any sort of discount from the dealer is tough

I arrange around 300 new cars a year and because of my volume, I get a bit better price that a consumer would just walking into a dealership

The morale of this story is to let me do the running around for you. I’llgenerally get a better new car price, you won’t have to pay retail price for accessories and protection products and as importnantly if not moreso, there’s no stress or pressure associated with the purchase

I’m Bob Aldons from Car Business and I buy any new car car cheaper.

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