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Hi, Bob Aldons, from Car Business. A lot of car buyers are time poor and that’s where Car Business can assist. I shopped around for the best car price and novated lease offer for David and not only saved him $$ but importantly time too.  At Car Business, not only do I remove the stress […]

Hello, Bob Aldons, the owner of The Car Guy and Car Business here.  I’ve been in the Car Business for over 40 years – since Feb 16th 1978 to be exact. And yes, I’m old, but not that old that I don’t keep up to date with everything to do with Cars and Car Buying. […]

Brisbane Car Broker – 40 Years Experience on How to Maximise New Car Dealer Profits?  FREE over the phone interview to help you move forward with your next new car purchase. No fee, no commitment. Brisbane Car Broker  Hi, Bob Aldons, owner of Car Business, Brisbane Car Broker. If you’ve read the headline carefully, I’m admitting […]

I’m a Car Buying Ninja – Save Money on Your Next New Car New car salespeople pressure you so they can make the highest profit from every customer. Bob works to get the cheapest possible price on every car deal he works on. If you’ve been trying to buy a new car, you’ve probably been […]

Do you want to save thousands of dollars and hours of research buying your next new car? Car Business, Car Broker Brisbane, can help you achieve the goal of saving money and having a great experience. Of course, you do. Enter car brokers – professional car brokers help save you time and money by finding […]

Hi, Bob Aldons from Car Business, Brisbane Car Broker. I’ve got a story to tell you about a customer’s recent buying experience. Sharon (name changed to protect her from maliciousness from the companies involved) wanted to purchase a new Subaru. Sharon was referred to me by another customer who had been happy with the way […]

And ways you can lower your car insurance premiums In Australia, the prerequisites and requirements for receiving and maintaining our driver’s licenses become stricter as we age. Depending on driving and medical history, car insurance premiums can increase the older we get. However, if you know what you’re looking for and are an experienced and […]

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