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10 Common Mistakes people make when buying a new car, get Tips from our industry insider here and we won't ask for your details.

Take the Car Life Style Survey and Know which Car is Best for You. It may not be the one your thinking of!

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What is a Typical Car Broker?

A car broker is a buying agent who will act on your behalf to help you buy any new car cheaper. Brokers start by finding the vehicle you want and then negotiate a price to help you save money. A car broker receives a fee for these services from the supplying dealer.

What is the Difference?

The difference between a car broker and Car Business is that the typical car broker will be acting on behalf of the new car dealer. The broker is normally paid by the dealer that wins their business, not the client.

As the ‘go to’ Brisbane car buying agents, Car Business is so much better than a car broker. I’ve been in the new car business for over 41 years and with that experience, I know where the savings are. I’m your advocate and will stand with you and act on your behalf buying your new car.
Here’s another example.

Jim went to his local dealer looking for a price on a new Subaru Premium Outback Wagon with the 3.6R engine. This model is currently on offer through Subaru Australia

Subaru Advertised price $54,636.

I asked my dealer group for prices and here’s what they came back with

Offer 1   –   $54,251.00
Offer 2   –   Cannot Supply
Offer 3    –  $50,985.50
Offer 4    –  $
Offer 5    –  $
Offer 6    –  $
Offer 7    –  $
Offer 8    –  $

So you can see the difference between the manufacturer marketed price and the price I was able to obtain runs out to $3265.50 and my price includes an extra $875 of accessories.

I will be YOUR CAR BUYING AGENT. By asking the right questions, I will find you the RIGHT new car at the BEST price around! I’m different from a car broker because I don’t depend on dealers for getting my clients to buy a car from their dealership. My car advocacy service is transparent and independent provided solely to my client (and not on behalf of any Brisbane car dealer). As your agent, and with me working on your behalf, my fee is payable by you and the same amount by the delering dealer. I always declare my fee to you up front. If I can’t save you more than the fee with your new car purchase you don’t pay ANYTHING.

And that’s the Car Business promise to you.

Car Finance

Car Business is able to assist and advise clients with the right car finance for their new car. Our customers do not need to just go with whomever the car broker is paid to recommend. Remember, Car Business is YOUR agent – acting on your behalf. We will ensure that any finance you need is right for your budget! All I do is provide your name and contact number to a series of finance brokers. They’ll contact you and discuss your needs. Typically, their rates are much cheaper than dealer quoted rates and don’t come stuffed with add-ons.

Do You Need Finance?

How much can you afford to repay?
Make sure the perfect car is also the car you can afford.

How it Works

With the experience advocates at Car Business, I have some simple steps for you to follow that will allow me to make the right choices to help to buy your new car.


Make the Call

Firstly – When you decide that you have spent enough time driving around Brisbane or surfing the ‘net looking for your perfect new car, and you don’t want to have to deal with trying to negotiate the price, organise test drives, etc etc etc – call CAR BUSINESS!
I promise to get rid of the stress and organise everything for you!


Complete our Lifestyle Survey

To make sure I can help you to buy the right car, and if you’re unsure of what car to buy, complete my “Car Lifestyle Survey” and receive a free written report regarding the vehicles that would suit your lifestyle.


A Whole of Life Comparison

If you decide to take the next step, I’ll discuss the different vehicles that suit your lifestyle and how they compare to each other. This ensures you make all the right information needed to choose the perfect new car!.


Sign Authority

After making sure I’m completely aware of your needs, I’ll ask you to sign a retainer authority that will allow meto do all the legwork and time consuming car buying tasks for you.


Sit Back and let me do all the hard work on your behalf!

Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but I can find the perfect vehicle on your behalf, organise test drives, have all paperwork completed and signed, and even organise finance and extra accessories – without you having to find the time to do any of it!


Platinum Service

Car Business can continue to look after you even after your purchase is complete. I can arrange servicing, loan cars, crash repair management, insurance and more!
Sounds good? IT IS GOOD! Car Business is in the business to ensure you don’t pay too much for your new car. Give me a call today

10 Common Mistakes people make when buying a new car, get Tips from our industry insider here and we won’t ask for your details.

Take the Car Life Style Survey and Know which Car is Best for You. It may not be the one your thinking of!

Which Car to Buy

Apart from buying your next home, buying a car ranks up there as the second most expensive decision you’ll make. And unlike a home, you’ll have to make this decision on average every 3 or 4 years. How would you feel if I told you that over your lifetime of buying and trading cars Car Business was going to save you nearly $50,000?

Have we got your attention now?

Car Manufacturers spend tens of millions of dollars every year to get YOU to buy into THEIR marketing plan. They don’t really care too much whether the car they’re advertising on television or on the internet suits your lifestyle or needs at all.

At Car Business, I offer free advice on new cars, and provide a “Car Lifestyle Survey” that will show you the vehicle that would most suit your requirements and budget. And have a look at the free PDF download “10 Mistakes People Make When Buying a New Car”. I strongly recommend that any new car buyer checks these out before signing on the dotted line.

Call my Brisbane office for free advice and assistance with buying your car and if you decide to use my services you can sit back and watch me find the perfect new car for you!

New Car Advice – Before You Buy Your Car

  • Decide which make/model car you think is right for you
  • Does it have the right amount of safety and security requirements?
  • How is the fuel consumption? Or is performance more important?
  • Will it carry the number of passengers you need it to?
  • Is it able to accommodate any tools, sports gear etc that you need to transport?
  • Does it handle the conditions you need it to?
  • Can it tow your trailer, boat, caravan?
  • Is there enough room in it to do everything you need to be able to do?


Of course, you must consider whether the new car price is within your budget. However, you must also consider extra costs such as stamp duty, registration, insurance, extended warranties and dealer delivery charges. Consider the running costs. Remember that luxury imported models are usually more expensive to service, repair and insure.

Want to Buy and Sell New And Used Cars?

Call Car Business and let our Car Buying Agent make sure you save on your new car,
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