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Buying a new car? Unsure whether you’re getting the best price possible? Skip the dealerships and get an amazing deal.

Unlike most other car brokers online, I DO NOT accept under the table commissions from car dealerships. Everything I do is transparent.

The others do. Ask them. The savings at Car Business average out at over $2,000. I’ve saved my client’s hundreds of thousands in discounts since 2015.

I will locate, negotiate and deliver the best possible price on the exact car you want. If you have a deal pending, I will review it for free to make sure you’re not overpaying. If you want a great deal, little time spent on your car purchase and great people you can trust to come through for you, talk to me.

Call now for a free consultation – 0418 748 498

Car Business History – Established in 2015.

In August 2015 I sold my new car dealerships – Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Volkswagen and Isuzu Ute to become a car broker.

Bob Aldons
Owner and Founder Bob Aldons

I use my expert knowledge gained over 40 years in the car trade to help people through the tough aggravating process of buying or financing a car.

Have you ever purchased a new car and then seen the same car offered at a better price? Have you driven away in your new car, sensing that you’ve just been done over by the dealer?

I’ve seen so many customers taken for a ride by a new car dealer.

How Much Does a Car Broker Cost?

So how do I make my money? I charge my customers $330 for the work that I do and the prices that I achieve. I also charge the winning dealer $330. So I earn $660 for most new car transactions.

If you’re buying a more expensive vehicle, say over $75,000, my fees are a little higher, but I will always let you know how much.

Skip the Dealerships


Get in Touch with Car Business – Skip the Dealerships

As a licensed motor dealer for over 40 years, I’m legally able to buy and sell all new and used motor cars. So if you’ve got a trade-in, I can help with that too.

It’s easy to get in touch.

Address:          2/265 Oxley Avenue, Cnr Duffield Rd, Margate QLD 4019

Mobile:            International   +61 418 748 498

Australia          0418 748 498




Email:            bo********@ca*********.au






A Recent Success Story

Damian came to me to get prices on a new Kia Cerato GT Sedan. He commented on delivery today (9/10/19) how easy it was – stress-free and a great price too.

Skip the Dealerships
A brand new Kia Cerato GT Sedan
Skip the Dealerships
Damian from Geebung purchased his new Kia Cerato GT from Car Business








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