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Before You Buy

Before You Buy Your New Car (or anything else)

“Everybody hates buying a new car” I’m Bob Aldons from Car Business and The Car Guy. The place where new car buyers save serious money (thousands) on the purchase of their next new car AND get honest opinions on the cars that I review. Hit me up on either website if you have questions – I’ve got answers.  (Just …

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Mazda Korean Buyers

hangug chingudeul-ege bangabseubnida

ihaehagi eolyeobdamyeon gyeomsonhage sagwa haejusibsio. Google beon-yeog-eul sayonghayeo dan-eoleul yeong-eoeseo hangug-eolo byeongyeonghago issseubnida sijang-e nawaseo sae cha, modeun beulaendeu, modeun modeuleul gu-ibhalyeoneun gyeong-u sijang-eseo choesang-ui gagyeog-eul eod-eul su issdolog dowa deulil su issseubnida. jeoneun jeonmunjeog-in sae jadongcha jung-gaein-imyeo yag 15 nyeon dong-an-i il-eul haewassseubnida. choegeun-e suhaeng han jag-eob-eul boyeo deuligi wihae choegeun gisaga issseubnida. saeloun …

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Subaru Forester Premium Price Guide

Subaru Forester Premium Price Guide

I was recently asked to help out Neil and Alison from Karana Downs in Queensland buy a new Subaru Forester Premium, replacing a 2013 Mazda6 Atenza sedan that they’d had from new. Neil has been to see a local dealer and left pretty dissatisfied. He’d got the run-around ” When you’re ready to actually buy, …

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