Kia Seltos Price Guide – Trade-In

Kia Cerato Price Guide - Trade-In

I recently uploaded the story below on the price guide for a new Kia Seltos Sport with Safety Pack. You can read the full story below, but I thought I’d add some amazing information about the TRADE-IN prices I was able to achieve on this same transaction.

I’ve been in the car business since 1978 and I’ve honestly lost count on the number of cars that I’ve traded, bought or even helped people sell. The description that I sent through to the dealers was all the same and I also included 10 pictures to assist them to price it.

I priced a 2014 Kia Cerato Si auto hatch with 84,265 kilometres on the odometer and here are the offers I received

  1. $7,000
  2. $5,000
  3. $6,500
  4. $8,000
  5. $7,000
  6. $7,000
  7. $9,000

So the difference between the lowest and highest prices for the trade-in was $4000! And surely that $4000 in your pocket would be a whole lot better.

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I can help you to save a lot of your hard-earned money.

I’ve been receiving a fair bit of enquiry on the new (and very popular) Kia Seltos. Model requirements have varied from the base model S right up to the GT Line.

Recently, Martin from North Lakes approached me to assist with the purchase of a Kia Seltos Sport with Safety Pack. Here’s the result.

On their website, Kia offers the Kia Seltos Sport 2.0 litre CVT Auto with Safety Pack, in Snow White Pearl for $31,026, a saving of $2073 below the RRP.

Kia Seltos Sport Price Guide
Kis Seltos Sport with Safety Pack in Snow White Pearl – Buy Better

And here’s the offers sent to me by the Kia Dealers

Offer 1                                              $31,026        (No discount at all)

Offer 2                                              $30,460

Offer 3                                              $31,340        ($314 above the Kia factory price)

Offer 4                                          $29,663

Offer 5                                              $30,508

Offer 6                                              $30,490

The reality is that the Kia Seltos is selling really well in all model configurations. When a model is doing well, dealers don’t have any extra financial support from their manufacturer and so the discounts given are from their own margin.

Once a vehicle stops being as popular, or the manufacturer is able to increase production volumes, the prices will come down.

This is what happens when you’re an early adopter. Another case in comparison is the Suzuki Jimny. If you ordered a Jimny today, you’d pay the full retail price (even from me) and you’d be waiting till the end of this year or even into 2021.

If I can help you with buying a new car, then here are my contact details. While I try my best always, there is a very small percentage of customers I can’t assist. But importantly, 95% of all enquiries I work on end up very happy with the savings.

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The difference between the online price and the best offer was $1,363. Surely you’d prefer to pay the lower price as a cash buyer?

Imagine walking into all but one of these dealers and paying $1300 more than you had to. And even after my fee, you’re saving a huge amount of money

All new car dealers will try you on to see how much they can get. (Is that called new car price gouging?) Dealers always try to achieve the highest profit – I buy your car at the lowest price.

You can avoid my fee by shopping around yourself, but the time it takes to visit those dealers and then hoping to get the same or better price as I can – well honestly, I wouldn’t hold much hope of that.

I’ve bought hundreds of new cars and I’ve always bought them well.

Same warranty, same new car benefits but always at a cheaper price. You can pick your new car up directly from me, collect it from the dealer or even have them deliver it to you – your choice.

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Best Price on a New Car
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