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Ford Mustang Bumper Protection – Ok, so this isn’t a Mustang video, it’s a Lamborghini. But it will give you a great example of what Scrape Armour does. You’ve heard that sound! That awful scrape or crunching noise when you drive your new Mustang into a car park, driveway or speed bump. You probably haven’t […]

TAKATA AIRBAG RECALL – DON’T IGNORE THIS!   You may have read or seen information about the Takata Airbag recall This is a very serious matter that requires your complete attention. For the sake of yourself, your family and anyone else travelling in your car, please DO NOT ignore it. If you’re one of these […]

Hi, Bob Aldons, from Car Business and other luminaries – The Car Guy, and Genuine Spares Australia. I’ve written about the road my business is on before. The office of Car Business is at 226 Anzac Avenue, Kippa-Ring a suburb of Redcliffe. Redcliffe borders Brisbane to the north and is about 20 minutes from Brisbane Airport. It’s […]

When preparing your car for a trade or for private sale there are some things you can do to maximize the sale price. Here are a few tips on How to Get More for Your Car Keep in mind that every dollar you spend in the areas I mention will generally add more than that […]

Getting your P’s as a teenager is a rite of passage. It’s more independence, less time at home and more socializing. But we all know that P-platers can be a little reckless. In fact, studies show that P-platers are one of the most dangerous demographic on the road. They’re experimenting with their new-found freedom, susceptible […]

What is a Car Broker? Typically a car broker represents you in negotiations with a new car dealer. A lot of buyers don’t want to spend the time running from one dealer to another and they simply accept the ‘best price on a new car’  that a dealer offers. And the dealer will, of course, […]

Hi, Bob Aldons from Car Business with another tale of woe from a consumer viewpoint. I had a call from an employee of a company that I supply cars to. Jamie and his partner Rhonda bought a Mitsubishi Triton Dual Cab 4WD a little more than 5 years ago, in fact, the vehicle had just run […]

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