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Isuzu MU-X

New Isuzu MU-X Delivery – Car Business

I’ve just decided to drop a few posts about my customers and their new cars. Paul and Kathleen took delivery of their new Isuzu MU-X LS-T fully kitted out with enough off-road accessories to get them around Australia. And yes, ...
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Lexus RX45h

Buying a Lexus or any Premium Brand | Advice

One of my long standing customers called recently asking me to assist with the purchase of a new Lexus RX450h. I first met Geoff and Jan over 30 years ago and we’ve recently reacquainted. Their three sons have recently purchased ...
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Better Trade-In price

Better Trade-In Price | Car Industry Review | Car Broker

How to get more for your car when you sell it with a better trade-in price Hi. Bob Aldons from Car Business on how to get a better trade-in price when it comes time for you to sell or trade. ...
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Have You Checked Your Junk Mail?

Unfortunately, emails that you’re expecting don’t always go to your inbox. Sometimes and when you’re expecting something important, it goes to your junk mail. Why? That’s your email security trying to filter out spam emails and other things that it ...
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Most Popular New Cars

Most Popular New Cars – September 2020

Popular New Cars There’s no doubt that 2020 will go down in history as the most difficult business-wise in my lifetime and arguably the same for everyone in Australia. And the year isn’t over yet. The motor industry has struggled ...
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Scrape Armour - Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Under Bumper Protection – Scrape Armour – Buy Today

Ford Mustang Under Bumper Protection You’ve heard that sound! That awful scrape or crunching noise when you drive your new Mustang into a car park, driveway or speed bump. You probably haven’t wanted to look at it because you’ll know ...
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Car Business

New Car Dealer v Car Broker Queensland – The Facts

Let me tell you a story about a best new car price from Car Broker Queensland – Car Business New car dealers want to make as much as they can from you. At Car Business my goal is to buy ...
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Car Business - Any New Car Cheaper

Any New Car Cheaper – From Where?

Hi. Bob Aldons from Car Business reporting in and how to purchase Any New Car Cheaper. I get a lot of enquiries from south-east Queensland, in fact most come from between Bundaberg and Tweed Heads and west to Warwick and ...
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Queensland road Toll

Queensland Road Toll – 4 dead in 24 Hours

It’s never a good story to read – 4 drivers dead on Queensland roads in 24 hours Bloody idiots When will people learn to drive not only to the conditions, but as importantly to their abilities?  This Queensland Government or ...
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Honda Civic RS Auto Hatch

Honda Civic RS Auto Hatch Price Guide

I was approached to assist with the purchase of a new Honda Civic RS Auto Hatch for a customer recently. On the Honda Civic RS, Honda Australia are promoting a drive away price of $37,016 drive away 9in Queensland) with ...
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New Audi A4 Buy a car

Is it time to buy a new car?

Since early March, business for most of the new car dealers in Australia has virtually stopped. April Year on Year figures have the industry down over 48% and that hurts. Prospective new car buyers have decided that it’s not the ...
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Before You Buy

Before You Buy Your New Car (or anything else)

“Everybody hates buying a new car” I’m Bob Aldons from Car Business and The Car Guy. The place where new car buyers save serious money (thousands) on the purchase of their next new car AND get honest opinions on the cars that I review. ...
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