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Hi Bob Aldons, The Car Guy, with a comment on the trial in London between Fiat Chrysler Australia and UK based company Motortrak. Justice Clare Moulder found that former Fiat Chrysler Australia CEO Clyde Campbell had received payments in the order of $2.5 million dollars as a ‘bribe’. Now I’m not here to knock the […]

Monte: Hello! This morning I’m talking with Bob Aldons, the owner of Car Business, and we’re going to discuss the best ways to get the most value for your trade in on your used car. G’day Bob, How are you? Bob Aldons: Good day Monte, mate I’m fantastic, getting close to Christmas so yes…Good time […]

Do you want to save thousands of dollars and hours of research buying your next new car? Car Business, Car Broker Brisbane, can help you achieve the goal of saving money and having a great experience. Of course, you do. Enter car brokers – professional car brokers help save you time and money by finding […]

Bob Aldons: Welcome to the next edition of What’s in your Garage and it gives me great pleasure today to introduce you to Bob Jones. A local Redcliffe identity, president of the Redcliffe Rugby League football club and someone that I’ve known probably for 40 years. Bob, welcome to What’s in Your Garage. Bob Jones: […]

Update 2nd May 2018: At the request of Ford Motor Company, I have removed the Ford Oval from this opinion piece. Seems that I hit a nerve explaining the inadequacies of their customer service. And not long after they contacted me, Ford Motor Company was slapped with a $10,000,000 Federal Court fine and a directive […]

Hi, Bob Aldons from Car Business, Brisbane Car Broker. I’ve got a story to tell you about a customer’s recent buying experience. Sharon (name changed to protect her from maliciousness from the companies involved) wanted to purchase a new Subaru. Sharon was referred to me by another customer who had been happy with the way […]

Ford Mustang Bumper Protection – Ok, so this isn’t a Mustang video, it’s a Lamborghini. But it will give you a great example of what Scrape Armour does. You’ve heard that sound! That awful scrape or crunching noise when you drive your new Mustang into a car park, driveway or speed bump. You probably haven’t […]

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