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Australian Pork

Australian Pork – Woman Deported in Pork Crackdown

Get Some Australian Pork on Your Fork Ok, so this has absolutely nothing to do with cars, but everything to do with our agricultural industry and particularly Australian Pork. Did you know that the Pork industry is worth over 5 …

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Car Business - Any new Car cheaper

Skip the Dealerships and get an Amazing Deal

Buying a new car? Unsure whether you’re getting the best price possible? Skip the dealerships and get an amazing deal. Unlike most other car brokers online, I DO NOT accept under the table commissions from car dealerships. Everything I do …

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Buying a New Car? I’ve Got a Problem with Indian Customers

Let me say at the outset, that this is not a racially motivated rant. My heritage is Sri Lankan (Ceylon when my parents left there) but I’ve spent the last 62 years as an Aussie. I’ve been dealing with an …

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New Toyota Landcruiser Wagon Price Guide

Hello and welcome to the Car Business blog. I’m Bob Aldons and I’m looking after a customer who’s interested in Buying a New Toyota Landcruiser 200 VX Wagon in Graphite. (The colour will become important later in the story) Shane …

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New Kia Cerato GT Sedan Price Guide

I’ve just arranged a new Kia Cerato GT Sedan for a customer from Geebung in Queensland. We had to move quickly for Damian as the offers were due to expire on September 30th. I sent my new car tender request …

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Nissan X-Trail Price Guide

A small business operator who drives for both Uber and DiDi asked me to investigate the best price I could find for them for a 2019 Nissan X-Trail ST-L 7-Seater 2WD auto SUV. He wasn’t sure that he could get …

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How to Test Drive a New Car Without Getting Hassled by a Salesperson

I was talking to a prospective customer recently. He wanted to know how he could test drive a new car without getting hassled and screwed by a salesperson. It’s an interesting question because when you visit a new car dealership …

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Subaru Forester 2.5i-S Price Guide

New Car Buyers get frustrated and stressed with the antics of salespeople, especially when buying a new car An old customer of mine (Sorry Mike, I know you’re not old, but you get it?) called me to ask my assistance …

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Four Basic Car Maintenance Tips for Every Driver

Discover the four basic car maintenance tips for every driver. Richard Laycock is an insurance expert at Finder and writes for Car Business. While it’s easy to give someone a call to come and fix your car, there’s nothing quite …

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War Veterans, Veterans, Vets, Dept of Veterans Affairs, TPI’s – Buy Your Next New Car Cheaper.

War Veterans, Veterans, Vets, Dept of Veterans Affairs, TPI’s – Buy Your Next New Car Cheaper.

Served in the Armed Forces? A Vet? Car Business is proud to assist all Aussie Vets with the purchase of your next new car. In fact, I’ll even donate a part of my normal fee to your choice of organizations …

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Need a Hand Buying a New Car? Your New Car Purchase Helping Hand

Drive Home Happy – Smile when you buy Your New Car I’ve been in the new car business for over 40 years, and I’ve been helping a lot of people buying a new car. Since selling my new car dealerships …

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Buying a New Car? Advertised Price Isn’t the Best

A local family asked me to investigate the best price I could find for them for a 2019 Mitsubishi ASX Black Edition. Buying a New Car? Read the story below They weren’t sure that what they had been quoted from …

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