Honda Civic RS Auto Hatch Price Guide

Honda Civic RS Auto Hatch

I was approached to assist with the purchase of a new Honda Civic RS Auto Hatch for a customer recently.

On the Honda Civic RS, Honda Australia are promoting a drive away price of $37,016 drive away 9in Queensland) with a Free 7-year warranty and 7-year premium roadside assistance program.

Honda Civic RS Auto Hatch Price Guide

My wife Suzi is driving a Honda Civic VTi-LX presently and loves the car, so I was able to not only offer a great price to my customer, but also re-affirm their decision to purchase the Honda Civic RS Hatch.

My first thought was that I’d be able to save my customer at least $2,000 and that proved to be correct and then some

Factory          $37,016

Offer 1          $34,560

Offer 2         $34,145 

Offer 3          $34,830

Offer 4         $34,080 

Offer 5          $34,320

Offer 6          $35,474

Offer 7          $35,248       

So I was able to save my customer $2,936 on what he could have potentially paid for the new Honda.

If you’re ready to buy a new Honda Civic or any other new car for that matter, let me help you to save a lot of money.

If you do give me the opportunity and for some strang reason, I can’t save you on the price of the new car, I won’t charge any fee at all.

To buy any new car cheaper, call me today on 0418 748 498

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Buying a new Honda Civic? Want to get a much better price? Before you sign on the dotted line, read my Honda Civic RS Auto Hatch Price Guide and then call me on 0418 748 498.

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