Subaru Forester Premium Price Guide

Subaru Forester Premium Price Guide

I was recently asked to help out Neil and Alison from Karana Downs in Queensland buy a new Subaru Forester Premium, replacing a 2013 Mazda6 Atenza sedan that they’d had from new.

Neil has been to see a local dealer and left pretty dissatisfied. He’d got the run-around ” When you’re ready to actually buy, why don’t you give us last crack at it”. Now, Neil is a bit old-school – he just wanted the best offer he could get and didn’t want to haggle. So he Googled “Car Broker” and came across Car Business.

Neil and I discussed exactly what he wanted, down to accessories that he thought that he needed and others that I suggested. He went with Carpet Mats, Mud Spats, Cargo Tray mat, Tow Bar, Weathershields, Sill plates and window tinting.

Factory Advertised Price  $44,203 Drive Away

My Offers                              New Car        Trade In      Change Over

Offer 1                                  $42,284        $9,800          $32,484                                           

Offer 2                                  $42,352        $8,000          $34,352

Offer 3                                  $40,582        $11,000        $29,362

Offer 4                                  $41,730        $11,000        $30,730

Offer 5                                  $42,920        $10,000        $32,920

Offer 6                                  $42,342        $9,500          $32,842

So I was able to save Neil $3,621 on the new car price, $5,000 on the most expensive change-over and $1,368 on the second-best price. That sure buys a lot of fuel besides anything else you might want to spend it on.

And it was fuss and stress-free. The only thing that Neil and Alison needed to do was pick a colour and they chose Magnetite Grey.

So, if you want to get the best price on any new car and the best offer for your current car, call me now. 0418 748 498 gets me or you can email me at bo********@ca*********.au. And if you want to read what my customers have to say, click on this link to get to my Google My Business Review Site.

Car Business - Any new Car cheaper
Buying a new Subaru? Call me on 0418 748 498 and save like Neil and Alison did

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