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I was recently contacted by a couple from Geebung looking to buy a New Mitsubishi.

They’d been to 3 dealers looking for a new Mitsubishi GLS Pajero Sport 5-seater in Titanium with a couple of accessories.

Despite telling the salespeople that they wanted to buy immediately, there was reluctance on the dealer’s part to offer them a price. It was suggested to them by a relation that they contact me at Car Business.

Here’s what I achieved for them

MY19 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport GLS 4WD 5 Seater with Diesel Engine & Automatic Transmission in Titanium with Floor Mats & Cargo Protector.

Mitsubishi Online Price         $48,540

The new car prices I was able to obtain

Offer 1                                              $47,288

Offer 2                                              $47,442

Offer 3                                              $47,258

Offer 4                                          $46,529

Offer 5                                              $47,177

Offer 6                                              $47,139

Offer 7                                              $46,998

Optional Accessory Prices

Hayman Reece Towbar                $990

Window Tinting                              $375

So in summary, the best price offered was $2011 better than the factory online price.

Why would you want to buy a new Mitsubishi or any other new car any other way?

Not only are you getting the best price straight away, but you also don’t go through any stress or pressure to achieve the best offer immediately.

If you’re in the market for a new Mitsubishi or any other brand of new car, get in touch with me at Car Business.

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