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Brisbane Car Broker – 40 Years Experience on How to Maximise New Car Dealer Profits?  FREE over the phone interview to help you move forward with your next new car purchase. No fee, no commitment. Brisbane Car Broker  Hi, Bob Aldons, owner of Car Business, Brisbane Car Broker. If you’ve read the headline carefully, I’m admitting […]

I’m a Car Buying Ninja – Save Money on Your Next New Car New car salespeople pressure you so they can make the highest profit from every customer. Bob works to get the cheapest possible price on every car deal he works on. If you’ve been trying to buy a new car, you’ve probably been […]

Do you want to save thousands of dollars and hours of research buying your next new car? Car Business, Car Broker Brisbane, can help you achieve the goal of saving money and having a great experience. Of course, you do. Enter car brokers – professional car brokers help save you time and money by finding […]

Do you really know what Google ‘thinks’ of you? As the operator, managing partner, managing director and more recently sole trader of small, medium and large businesses, I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours of my own time to achieve a listing on the first page of Google. Google is after […]

It may have served you well for a long time, but even the best car gets old and tired. Sooner or later you’ll have to replace it with a newer model. When the time comes to change, there’s an easier way to go about buying your new car. It’s a fact that new car dealers […]

A long time ago, franchise and used car dealers attracted business through stand out premises and things like flags and bunting. Today, almost all initial new inquiries come through either their manufacturers, online providers such as, or the dealers own website. Your website is actually your second dealership face and if it’s not […]

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