I’m a Car Buying Ninja – Save Money With Me

I’m a Car Buying Ninja – Save Money With Me

I’m a Car Buying Ninja – Save Money on Your Next New Car

  • New car salespeople pressure you so they can make the highest profit from every customer.

  • Bob works to get the cheapest possible price on every car deal he works on.

If you’ve been trying to buy a new car, you’ve probably been put through the wringer by new car dealers. Hi, Bob Aldons from Car Business. I’m a Car Buying Ninja and new car dealers worst nightmare.

Bob Aldons - Car Buying Ninja
Bob helps people to buy new cars at the best possible price.

You see it’s the job of new car salespeople to make the highest profit that they can for their dealers. And who pays? Of course, you do. Let me tell you what I do and why new car dealers don’t like me.

  1. First of all, I determine EXACTLY what sort of new car that you want. A lot of my customers end up taking my advice on brands, models and even accessories that I think they should have rather than the ones that the dealer wants to sell them.
  2. I send out tenders to the dealers, just like your local or state government does when they buy their cars
  3. I don’t give any dealer a second crack at the price. The best price wins.
  4. If you’re looking for finance, I ask my finance brokers to quote the best price they can rather than the interest rate that dealers want to achieve – the higher the rate, the more they make by way of commission. The lower the rate the better outcome for my customers.
  5. I don’t recommend too many accessories. Maybe window tinting, probably carpet mats and a read load mat, but that’s it. You don’t need paint protection, interior protection and you certainly don’t need rust proofing.




It’s my job to buy your car at the LOWEST possible price. So it’s over to you now. You can have two choices when it comes to my services.

  • Give me the best price you’ve already got and let me save you money. I charge a flat fee of $550 for this service
  • Let me do the legwork for you – no pushy salespeople, no stress. 1% of the purchase price to you and a flat $250 to the dealer.

If I can’t save you money on your purchase, you pay nothing, nada, nix, zero – not even a dollar. Here’s what some of my customers have to say about Car Business and me

Ken Roberts

Just picked up my new Mitsubishi Triton from Bob and it was the easiest ever experience in buying a vehicle at a very reasonable price in my 53 years of buying cars. I informed him of what I wanted and he provided me with all the choices and found the vehicle from his many contacts in the trade and found the very vehicle I wanted. Much better than wandering around all the dealerships for days or weeks and being hounded by sales spiel. A very enjoyable experience – Thanks Bob

Tina Bacon

Would recommend Bob to anyone looking to purchase a new car. Bob handled our enquiry for a new Mini Countryman professionally and efficiently, we were able to confidently make a decision with all the facts provided. The car looks great and service on the day from the dealer was very good. Also saved money on what we would have been able to negotiate!

Neil Hazell

This is the first time that I have used Bob at Car Business. I was most impressed with the service from start to finish. On the Saturday afternoon that we first meet he waited back for me and was more than willing to answer any questions I had. The discount that he was able to get on my Caddy was very surprising, to say the least – over $2000 off the price that the same dealer gave me. Bob was most willing to keep me up to date with what was happening during the process. Bob is willing to share his in-depth knowledge of the car industry to help you in any way possible. I certainly won’t be buying my next car from a dealer I will be going back to Bob as I know that he will get me a much better deal. Thanks for all your work Bob. Looking forward to using you again in the future. Neil Hazell – Hazell’s Cleaning Services.

Mick Black

Rang Bob to source a vehicle and honestly what a great person to deal with. Nothing but great knowledge of vehicles and prices and steered me into the best car for our purposes. If your buying any car make sure you go to Bob first, it’ll be best decision you’ll make when buying a car. Thanks again, Bob.

Merv Smith

Thanks, Bob you made my dream come true. I thought I had missed the boat in purchasing a 2017 Holden Commodore SSV Redline & not only that, you were able to get me the colour I wanted but also the 7-year warranty being offered by Holden. This was achieved in 3 days from hitting the go button. I would also like to add that the information & advise you offered in advertising my previous car was invaluable. Sold in 4 days Thank You Again. “Should be more Stars”

You can read more testimonials by clicking here: GOOGLE MY BUSINESS

Bob AldonsBob Aldons is the owner and founder of The Car Guy, reviewing cars, reporting on Car Industry Matters, Car Tech and the world at large. He’s spent the last forty years immersed in the automotive industry from salesman to the owner of a 7 brand multi-franchise dealership. Bob knows cars. Any New Car Cheaper

Find One

If you’re hunting around for a great price on your next new car, you should call the auto expert, Bob Aldons from Car Business. My company, a car Broker, Car Buyers Agent or Car Buyers Advocate based on the north side of Brisbane, will return your inquiry within 24 hours and make the process of buying a new car easy and stress-free. Are you tired of salesperson tricks? I protect you from the pressure exerted by car dealer’s salespeople. There isn’t any obligation – just a pretty significant saving.

You’re where? Seriously, my services are available for you in any Australian state and territory: from Darwin to Hobart, Cairns to Perth.  Car Broker Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, and Darwin – I’m available when you need me to be.



Here’s an example

Matt wanted to purchase a Mazda 3 SP25 GT Manual Hatch. The retail value, drive away on that car is around $35,000. Car Business managed to purchase the same car for $28, 123.90 and with our fee Matt paid $25, 588, a saving of over $6000. And how do we know? Another customer, (looking for a new Holden HSV) just paid $35,000 for the same car – but he did it himself, without our assistance

If you’ve got a vehicle to trade, we have some clever ways to maximize the value – from used car dealers keen for your car to assist you to sell it privately. Finance and Insurance? We can handle that too, and we promise you will not be paying exorbitant dealer markups there either.

Trade In Value Example

2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited. Average dealer trade value – $16500. We achieved $22,000

2014 Volkswagen Tiguan 118TSI. Average dealer trade value – $14000. We achieved $16000

So, to get the best new car price, talk to others and then talk me. I’ve got the experience to handle the dealers and achieve the lowest new car prices. If you think you’re entitled to fleet pricing, I can often get better than that too. Whether you’re a small fleet or a large national fleet, Car Business will go to work and get that price down. Lower new car prices are my goal. So you’ll get the best prices from us rather than hoping you can help yourself.

If I can’t get you the best new car price, better than you can get yourself from a car dealer, we won’t charge you any fee. No Saving, No Fee. – that’s what you should expect from a car buying expert. 


Car Business
Car Business will assist you to buy your next new car – Cheaper

Car Business WILL save you money on your next new car purchase – guaranteed




Australian Road Safety Foundation
Australian Road Safety Foundation

The Australian Road Safety Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose charter is to reduce serious accidents on our roads through training and education. Car Business donates to the ARSF for every car we sell. If you’d like to support this worthwhile foundation, donate to the cause, become a member today or just buy your next new car from Car Business


In Closing

My reviews aren’t based on power performance or high-speed handling capacity. They’re not based on 0-100 Kim/hr of 4.0 seconds. And they’re certainly not super luxury vehicles that many other “old timers” are feted on by the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin

Back when I started in the motor industry salespeople were schooled and skilled in a process called the road to the sale. Part of that process was a presentation of the car that the customer was ultimately considering,

The six position sell showed the features, advantages, and benefits as it related to that specific car in the eyes and thought process of that particular customer

Those days of a true car sales professional seem to have gone.

Nowadays it seems that all salespeople want to do is accept that the customer knows everything about the car they’re interested in, want to crunch the customer as quickly as possible and get the next sale

In my opinion, this is one of the reasons that there’s such a high turnover in salespeople in this industry of ours.

Now I think that I’m a car industry expert, not because I sell lots of cars, but, as I was taught over 40yeras ago, time sells motor cars.

The more time you spend with a customer, the more information you provide them and the more you’re there for them Even AFTER they take delivery of their new car, the more repeat and referral business you’ll get.

Typically second and subsequent sales only provide 10% of a car salespersons business. Referral business, where an existing customer refers a friend, relation or work colleague back tot eh selling salesperson as someone to trust and buy a car from is even less – probably 5%

So, if you’re a young salesperson reading this article, let me tell you that you should be getting 40-50% of your business from repeat and referral business.
And how do you get that much? Well, that’s a story for another article or an opportunity to join me in a training course.


For your interest, my motoring reviews are my opinion of the vehicle I’m testing. The manufacturer or distributor, in this case, Kia Australia, doesn’t tell me what to write or ask for a ‘nice’ review. Nor am I paid for these reviews – I simply call it as I see it.

I often wonder about the ‘truth’ that I see from other motoring journalists. And I’m particularly referring to newspapers, online forums, and magazines where the company that owns the publication receives substantial advertising support from the various manufacturers.

Do the owners or editors tell their journalists to go easy on the review? I’m not sure, never having been in that position. Would I turn to softer reviews if my company was being paid for good reviews? Not likely. My independence as a writer is not for sale. I’d rather say no than be bought.

In any case, If that ever happens, rest assured that I’ll be telling that story with interest.





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