Hi, Bob Aldons from Car Business on the Job for you. This article is all about your car air conditioner. If it’s as hot and humid as it was in Brisbane on January 13th, 2017, then there’s every chance that you’ve noticed that your car air conditioning may be struggling to keep you cool. The air system in your vehicle takes outside air into the air system, removes the moisture in the air and cools it through the air system. If you haven’t been using your air conditioner during winter, there’s every chance that you may get a stale damp smell coming from your car.

So what tips can I give you to make sure that your car air conditing does the job that’s intended and makes the inside of your car much cooler than the air outside and not as smelly.

What causes smells in your Air Conditioning?


Your car air conditioner dries the outside air coming into your vehicle. The moisture in that fresh air has to go somewhere. The moisture is trapped by the evaporator and drains through a tube to the ground outside. Look underneath your car when it’s running and you’ll see the quantity of water trapped by the evaporator.
It’s a damp environment – and dampness is the perfect breeding ground for mold.Mold is made up of fungal elements. It forms on the evaporator and in the HVAC housing when there’s no airflow past it.
The mold slowly builds up, then when you switch on the aircon, air passes over the evaporator and carries that stale odor into your car through the air conditioning vents.

How do you clear it up?

You can clear this problem yourself. Glen 20 is a mold remover which can be sprayed into the car’s interior air intake. It’s generally found on the LH or RH side of the front cabin. If you’re not sure which side, then spray it into both areas. Make sure that you have the switch on recirculating and the air system will draw the spray into the evaporator where the mold lives. Spray more than you initially think. The spray must be able to coat all of the mold or it will return.
Prevention is better and easier than the cure. You can keep mold from forming in your car air conditioning system by following this simple process. Just before you turn your engine off, switch the recirculating button, knob back to the fresh air setting. This draws fresh air into the air system and the moisture from inside the evaporator will be eliminated and expelled.

Pollen Filter/Cabin Filter.

Car Air Conditioning
One of these Cabin Air Filters came out of a 2-year-old car. Car Air Conditioning won’t work efficiently if the cabin air filter isn’t clean
Most service centers and definitely dealers won’t explain what a cabin air filter or pollen filter is all about. Most modern cars have them.
Air is drawn into your cars’ cabin and passes through this filter. It removes dust, pollen, and detritus from the outside. When your cabin filter gets dirty and plugged, it can trap moisture in its layers as well. That moisture and dirt in the filter is a breeding ground for bacteria. The longer it sits, the more the bacteria spreads and festers in the filter.
Besides that, if you or your family suffer from hay fever, asthma or other respiratory complaints, you MUST ensure that you change your cabin filter and my advice is to do it every year at the end of autumn. Better to be safe than sorry.
If you don’t and when you turn on the fan, you’re guaranteed to get a noxious odor in your car. The easiest way to remove that odor is to simply replace the cabin air filter. They’re not expensive with most costing around $100-$150.

Cooler Car Air Conditioning

Clean, cool air from the car air conditioning vents.
Do you want cool, clean air from your Car Air Conditioning Vents?
Every spring, besides cleaning your house and making it fresh and new, you should do the same thing to your cars air conditioner. Over time, the refrigerant in the cooling system ‘wears out’ through use. I’ve just traded two cars that needed regassing.
A qualified air conditioning technician evacuates the air conditioning refrigerant and replaces it with new gas. The new gas, provided there aren’t any leaks in the system will make your car’s air system operate the way its intended

How should I use my Car Air Conditioning

When customers were taking delivery of their new vehicles, I always explained the correct way to use the vehicle air system.
First step
Open a couple of windows a bit (half way down is good) and put the fan blower on high with the dial set to fresh air. This pushed out the hot air in the car and cooled the interior quickly. After a couple of minutes, close the windows and let the air system lower the interior temperature.
Then after the interior starts to cool down, reduce the fan speed from high to a lower speed. You’ll notice the temperature drop again. Only when it starts to feel comfortable, change the dial from fresh air to recirculating air. (the picture above shows that the fresh air has been changed to recirculating)
Car Air Conditioning Control Panel
Typical Car Air Conditioning Control Panel
Recirculated air takes the cooler air from inside the cabin and reprocesses it through the receiver dryer. The receiver dryer takes more moisture from the air and pushes colder air into the cabin. The coldest setting on your air conditioning is the lowest fan speed (probably 1) with the air on recirculating.
Not only will you get the coldest air possible, but you’ll also find that the air conditioning compressor won’t need t operate as ofter. The end result is that you’ll achieve better fuel economy in your car as the engine isn’t working as hard.
Home mechanics can’t service their air conditioning. It requires a license from the Australian Refrigeration Council to do the work and equipment to store the recycled gas.
Let an expert do it for you – call me on 0418 748 498 and I’ll arrange a qualified workshop to do the work for you. And I’ll provide a courtesy car whilst your car is in for service too.
I’m Bob Aldons from Car Business and I know cars
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In closing, my passion is cars, car buyers, car dealers, but just about anything to do with cars. But you need to do me 1 favour….
In closing, my passion is cars, car buyers, car dealers, but just about anything to do with cars. But you need to do me 1 favour….
Warm regards
Bob Aldons
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  1. Hi bob
    I have a commadore series 11
    Can you buy the filters off the shelf and where would be the best place.
    And can I replace it or a aircon person?
    P.s your article was great thanks dott
    Gladstone qld 4695

  2. I thought it was really interesting how you said to slightly open a few windows and put the fan blower on hight to push out hot air. I live in a state where the temperature can reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This advice is a great way to help cool down the car. However, if my air conditioning were to fail then I would have to take it to a professional to fix.

    1. here in Australia, 100 Fahrenheit is 37 Celsius, and that’s a temp we get fairly often. In fact, the top temp in my state today is 113 Fahrenheit (45 Celsius) so a working air conditioner is paramount.

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