Nissan X-Trail Price Guide

A small business operator who drives for both Uber and DiDi asked me to investigate the best price I could find for them for a 2019 Nissan X-Trail ST-L 7-Seater 2WD auto SUV.

He wasn’t sure that he could get the best price himself and he wanted a great offer. On the Nissan website, the same vehicle with metallic paint is $41650. Nissan is currently promoting their 1% finance offer, but this was a cash deal
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Here are the numbers on a 2019 Nissan X-Trail ST-L 7-Seater 2WD Auto SUV.

Buying a New Car? Nissan X-Trail ST-L 7-Seat 2wd Auto
I was initially quoted $41,650 but bought it for $36,000

Nissan Online Price – $41,650 DRIVE AWAY

Best advertised Price? No Way. Here’s the best new car offer I achieved.

Offer 1        $36,153
Offer 2        $36,000
Offer 3        $37,266
Offer 4        $36,428
Offer 5        $36,460
Offer 6        $38,045
Offer 7        $37,058
The difference between the online price and the best offer was a massive $5,650. Surely you’d prefer to pay this price as a cash buyer?

And in summary, the difference between the price I was able to achieve and the highest price quoted was $2,045.

All new car dealers will try you on to see how much they can get (Is that called new car price gouging?). Dealers will always try to achieve the highest profit – I buy your car at the lowest price I possibly can.
You can avoid my fee by shopping around yourself, but the time it takes to visit those 7 dealers and then hoping to get the same or better price as I can – well honestly, I wouldn’t hold much hope of that and you will experience the stress of buying a new car, 7 times over.

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Buying a New Car?
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Buying a New Car? Nissan X-Trail ST-L 2WD Auto 7-seater
Good for a family of 7 the Nissan X-Trail ST-L should be on the shopping list




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