Jeep Australia Further Strengthens Customer Commitment

And not before time Jeep Australia. As the former chairman of the Chrysler Jeep Dodge National Dealer Council up until mid-2015, my board and I were in CJD’s face asking and then begging them to implement a 5-year warranty. The response was always “ Who’s going to pay for it?” Well, it would seem that, from this press release, that Fiat Chrysler has come to the realization that they needed to do something to stop the sharp drop in sales. In 2017, customers need to be put first and that’s exactly what’s been done to arrest the customer complaints with this brand. There’s some fine print included, but all in all, a pretty good outcome for Jeep buyers. Now, what about older Jeep owners Jeep Australia?

Here’s the verbatim from Fiat Chrysler

February 24, 2017 – “Jeep Australia is putting customers first, making a five-year warranty, lifetime roadside assistance and capped price scheduled servicing standard across the entire Jeep range.

Introducing the Jeep There & Back Guarantee.

There & Back - Jeep Australia 5 Year Warranty
Jeep Australia has introduced a 5 year warranty

From the compact Renegade to the rugged Wrangler and refined Grand Cherokee, all MY17 Jeep vehicles sold from 24 February 2017 will come with a fully transferable, five-year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, to ensure that MY16 Jeep vehicles sold from February, 2017 don’t miss out, for those models Jeep Australia is combining the standard three-year manufacturer’s warranty with a two- year extended warranty provided by Eric Insurance Limited.

To enhance the whole-of-life ownership experience, Jeep Australia will also offer all new Jeep customers the peace of mind provided by free roadside assistance, which will continue on after the warranty period has expired for the lifetime of the vehicle, as long as the vehicle is serviced within the authorised Jeep dealer network.

For those customers who purchased a MY15 or MY16 Jeep before February 2017, Jeep Australia will be offering a plus-two year extended warranty, coupled with an additional two years roadside and five-years capped price scheduled servicing for just $1950 including GST. Again, MY15 & MY16 customers will be eligible for Jeep’s lifetime roadside assist if they service their vehicle though the Jeep dealer network after their warranty has expired.



Jeep Australia has also worked to develop new, streamlined service intervals. For 2017 models onwards, service intervals will be 15,000km or 12months for petrol models, and 20,000km or 12months for diesel models. These improved service intervals have been made possible thanks to advances in production, materials and supplier processes.

To ensure variety in customer service offerings, Jeep together with Mopar, have introduced the following servicing plans: 3 Year Easy Care pre-paid scheduled maintenance plan, 5 Year Easy Care pre-paid scheduled maintenance plan and the Oil Care pre-paid plan for oil and filter changes.

“The Jeep There & Back Guarantee is the next step in our commitment to improve the Jeep ownership experience,” said Jeep Australia CEO Steve Zanlunghi.

“This is not a limited-time offer or a short term promotion. It forms a fundamental component of our business going forward and it’s a commitment to our owners now and in the future.”

Since 2015, Jeep Australia has taken the following actions to improve its business foundations in order to deliver industry best dealer support and an improved customer experience:

Jeep Australia has a 5 Year Warranty


  • 360 Degree Dealer Service Coaching Program, to educate and better equip dealers with techniques to improve management of their workshops and better meet the service needs
  • Parts Pricing Reduction, to lower the cost of servicing and ownership
  • Direct Line Haul Shipping, between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to ensure swift parts delivery to reduce inconvenience and improve fix
  • Increased Parts Warehouse, by 200% to establish a 96% parts fill rate ensuring timely access to parts and a reduction in service wait times
  • Increased Field Team, to help increase responsiveness for dealers, manage technical issues and provide resolutions to customers
  • Three Tier Customer Call Centre and Increased Staff, to reduce wait times and improve resolutions and enquiry
  • Real Time Net Promotor Score Program, to ensure dealers can respond to customer survey’s immediately and resolve potential issues

The Jeep There & Back Guarantee goes live on Friday 24 February.”


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    1. Hey Offroader
      I think under the new There and Back warranty, a Jeep vehicle will be covered. I’m assuming that this applies to any gazetted road, but probably not on a beach. However, I’ve sent Jeep customer assistance a question asking them to clarify the coverage. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back from them. In my opinion, it would make sense to cover it anywhere, but manufacturers being what they are, never say never. Thanks for your comment

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