I had some spare time on my hands on Sunday 3rd January and needed to fill my vehicle.

I’d remembered that Caltex at Mango Hill had discounted fuel and dropped in to fill up. On arrival I was amazed to see the site absolutely full with cars backed up on Anzac Avenue. (The Costco factor?)

On closer inspection the reason became very apparent.  Unleaded was selling for 110.7 per litre or 106.7c if you used a Woolworths Rewards Card. My fuel of choice, diesel was at 107.7 and after using my rewards card and buying $20 of goods from the servo, it came down to 93.7c per litre. (A saving of 24c per litre) Fantastic! I drove out of there pretty satisfied but that satisfaction turned to consternation as I drove past the Caltex site at Kippa-Ring. Whilst their unleaded was down to 111.9, diesel at this place was 124.9 or 31.2c per litre more expensive than what I’d paid at Mango Hill.

I decided to do a fuel check around the Peninsula. The Shell servo at Kippa-Ring has unleaded at 115.9 and diesel at 129.9. The Matrix below spells out very clearly that we in Redcliffe have a serious concern.

Petrol Site                            Unleaded         Diesel

Caltex Kippa-Ring                           111.9                         124.9

Shell Kippa-Ring                             115.9                         129.9

711 Clontarf                                       111.9                          123.9

Shell Clontarf                                   111.9                          123.9

BP Clontarf                                       112.9                         123.9

Caltex Redcliffe                               111.9                         125.9

Matilda Redcliffe                            111.9                         125.9

711 Redcliffe                                     111.9                         122.9

Caltex Margate                                111.9                         122.9


So what is going on here? With the prices of unleaded at 111.9 at all but 2 sites, can someone please explain to me or rather confirm to me that there isn’t any price collusion going on.

And when I compare the price of diesel the same question applies. Why is it that a site less than 7 kilometres from Redcliffe can supply diesel at 13% less than ANY local site here on the Peninsula.

The ACCC investigation into fuel prices, particularly in Queensland can’t come soon enough. Perhaps they should use Redcliffe as their test area. Alternatively, perhaps we as consumers need to take this in hand ourselves.

What about a FREE FUEL FRIDAY? More on that coming soon

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