Fuel Price Rip Off – Be Careful Where You Buy and When

Hi, Bob Aldons from car Business. I get pretty angry when i see fuel stations overpricing this vital commodity. I used to think they had the right to charge what they wanted, but the ever-present Fuel Price Rip Off is getting beyond the pale. Be careful where you buy, what you buy and when.

The best example I can give you for this relates to three fuel places nearby. My closest Caltex place (on June 13th ) was charging 149.9 for 91 unleaded fuel. About 10 kilometres away, the same branded station is charging 139.9 for the same fuel. Why? Simply because there’s a Costco fuel station charging their customers 139.9. So Caltex and Puma price match the Costco centre.

Fuel Price Rip Off


When Costco closes for the day, up go their prices – both of them.

I’m driving a car that must have a minimum of 95 premium fuel. I only found out recently that all of these places (Costco, Puma and Caltex) don’t have 95. They all only offer 98 Premium fuel. So if you’re driving a car that stipulates 95 and drive in there, either you have to fill up with 98 or drive away. And that’s the case with Costco, Puma and Caltex Woolworths.

Better for me to use either of the Caltex Woolworths stations at Kippa-Ring or Margate for 95 fuel rather than drive to the others 7 kilometres away and be forced to buy 98.

Am I making any sense?


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