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Alfa Romeo Stelvio First Edition model – Car Business

ALFA ROMEO STELVIO ALFA ROMEO STELVIO BASE MODEL DETAILED DURING EUROPEAN SALES LAUNCH Hi there. Bob Aldons from Car Business with the story on the Alfa Romeo Stelvio from our US colleagues With the ‘old’ Alfa dealers now handing back ...
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1979 Fuel Price Rise Rewards – Car Business on the Job

It’s pretty amazing the number of stories I can tell about my time in the car business. Hi, I’m Bob Aldons from and today’s story reflects on my early years in cars and more specifically 1979. It was the ...
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Fuel Price Rip Off – Car Business On the Job

Hi, Bob Aldons from Car Business writing to you about fuel price rip off in Brisbane. Have a look at the picture below. I shook my head in amazement and uttered an expletive. Forgive me, but the word fuck is ...
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2018 Ford Mustang: Car Business on the Job

Good morning, Bob Aldons from Car Business on the Job and today’s article is provided by our US industry colleagues. And this post is all about the 2018 Mustang which will hit US dealers showrooms in September 2017. And my ...
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Hi, Bob Aldons from Car Business on the Job for you. This article is all about your car air conditioner. If it’s as hot and humid as it was in Brisbane on January 13th, 2017, then there’s every chance that ...
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Whats a Timing Belt do? – Car Business on the Job

Hi, Bob Aldons from Car Business on the Job for you. Car Business is a full-service new car broker, quality used car retailer, provider of finance and insurance for new and used cars, as well as a facilitator for new ...
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2018 Toyota Camry – Car Business on the Job

TOO BUSY OR JUST RIGHT, AT LEAST THE EIGHTH-GEN TOYOTA CAMRY HAS SOME PERSONALITY Hi, Bob Aldons from Car Business on the Job with more Australian Car Industry news. With the impending closure of the Toyota factory this year, what happens ...
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Road Safety Is Up To You And Me – Car Business

Hi, Bob Aldons from Car Business on the job just back from my holiday break. I’ve been looking at the Queensland road toll for 2016 and wondering just how we as a community can do something to arrest the problem. ...
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Car Business 2016 Car of the Year

Hi, Bob Aldons from Car Business on the job for you. And if the newspapers and online sites can have them, why can’t Car Business. There’s so many Car of the Year awards given out nowadays, that arguably the quality ...
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Early reveal of the 2017 Volkswagen Golf

Hi, Bob Aldons from Car Business back with a couple of posts before 2017 rolls around. I’m pleased to provide you with an early look at the 2017 Volkswagen Golf courtesy of industry colleague Brett Davis of PerformanceDrive. I’ve been ...
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