2018 Ford Mustang: Car Business on the Job

2018 Ford Mustang
The tail of the 2018 Ford Mustang has been reworked, but not as radically as its nose. Note the quad exhaust tips, standard on the GT, and the available off-the-decklid spoiler.

Good morning, Bob Aldons from Car Business on the Job and today’s article is provided by autoweek.com our US industry colleagues. And this post is all about the 2018 Mustang which will hit US dealers showrooms in September 2017. And my question, at least for anyone considering the purchase of a Mustang is which one will you get? A customer of mine, Dave, is thinking about purchasing a Mustang now for delivery in June or July. So should he wait or should he go? Here’s an interesting question to ask your Ford dealer before you get the ‘old’ model. Autoweek gives us the run-down on what’s new in the 18 Mustang. Enjoy the read and hey, share it with your friends, please.






2018 Ford Mustang
2018 Ford Mustang

Ford created the sixth-generation Mustang, and it was good. Then, a few years later, it created the Shelby GT350, and it was even better — and besides, the cross-town competition wasn’t exactly asleep on the job.

Fortunately, for the 2018 Mustang, the Blue Oval took some of what we liked about the Shelby GT350 — we’re talking about ride and aesthetics, not the flat-plane-crank V8 (sorry) — and applied it to the entire pony car lineup. Take, for example, the MagneRide adaptive magnetorheological suspension system, which will now be available across the board.

Or the refreshed face: The nose is noticeably lower, which gives the car a wider and (we think) meaner look. Narrow LED headlamps peer out from the corners; the fog lights and turn signals below them are optionally LEDs. The sheetmetal from the A-pillar forward has been modified to meet the new fascia, and that includes the hood — and we’re pleased to report that all the vents you see serve some actual function.

The doors and rear quarters carry over, while out back, the tail gets reworked — though less substantially than the nose. Quad exhaust tips are standard on the V8-powered GT cars. An active exhaust setup is optional; we listened to a recording with some nice headphones, and, while admittedly a poor substitute for the real thing, it sounded pretty nasty.

A dozen wheel options, plus a trio of new/old colors (Kona blue, orange fury and royal crimson) and an off-the-decklid spoiler give you ample opportunities to customize your pony car as you see fit.

The interior is going to look fairly familiar, but from the shape of the dash to soft-touch surfaces on the center console, there are redesigns and upgrades. An 12-inch digital dashboard is available (though you can also stick with more traditional instrumentation); select it, and you’ll get a quarter-mile and lap timer and more. We’re eager to play around with it on a closed course (naturally). We like the optional two-tone perforated leather seats; they let just a bit of extra color peek through the surface. The effect is subtle but cool.


The biggest under-the-skin change? The elimination of the 3.7-liter V6. Positioned as the entry-level motor, it offered neither the fuel economy of the smaller turbo four nor the attitude of the V8. Turns out that those who want the 5.0’s power and soundtrack are willing to pay for it, and the fuel it consumes, no matter where in the world they might be; for everyone else, the torquey 2.3-liter seems to be a better fit (it accounts for 40 percent of the global Mustang market, and 35 percent here at home).

The two remaining motors do get reworked for 2018. The V8 gets a new-to-Mustang so-called “dual-fuel” port-and-direct-fuel injection system and an increased compression ratio (from 11:1 to 12:1), yielding an as-of-yet unspecified output boost. The 2.3-liter enjoys increased torque (again, the amount is unspecified) and Ford claims full-throttle acceleration has been improved as well.

Behind those updated motors sits either a new 10-speed automatic transmission (up four gears over the outgoing six-speed) or a six-speed manual. Per Mustang chief engineer Cal Widman, the auto will offer the “quickest shifts on a Mustang” ever, while on the V8 cars, the manual will now get a twin-disc clutch and dual-mass flywheel. We hope the new manual setup is, as Ford claims, easier and smoother to modulate — something we’ve been asking for since our first drive back in 2014.

We’re still waiting on exact outputs and full specifications for the updated pony car, as well as pricing — though Ford says that, despite the elimination of the V6, the point of entry won’t shift “too much.”

And, of course, we’re eager to see how it drives. Expect to see the 2018 Mustang at US dealers in September

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