New Kia Cerato GT Sedan Price Guide

I’ve just arranged a new Kia Cerato GT Sedan for a customer from Geebung in Queensland.

We had to move quickly for Damian as the offers were due to expire on September 30th.

I sent my new car tender request out to the Kia dealers I ask to submit an offer and I was surprised at the numbers that came back.

Damian wanted a Runaway Red Kia Cerato GT Sedan and I received 6 offers

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Here are the numbers

Buying a New Kia Cerato GT Sedan
Kia Cerato GT Sedan 1.6 Turbo – Online Price – Drive Away $33,590

And here’s a list of the prices that I was able to get

Offer 1                                                                                  $31,800

Offer 2                                                                                  $32,440

Offer 3                                                                                  $33,770

Offer 4                                                                                  $32.600

Offer 5                                                                                  $33,500

Offer 6                                                                                  $32,900

The difference between the online price and the best offer was $1,790. Wouldn’t you prefer to pay the lower price?

All new car dealers will try you on to see how much they can get. Dealers always try to achieve the highest profit – I buy your car at the lowest price.

You can avoid my fee by shopping around yourself, but the time it takes to visit those 6 dealers and then hoping to get the same or better price as I can – well honestly, I wouldn’t hold much hope of that.

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