All you need to know about the Eurovision Song Contest, 2019

The 2018 edition of this music competition has come and gone. The 2019 edition is already here and about to round up. Before the guests and the jury make the final decision, you may want to discover some facts about this event that keeps European citizens on their toes.


The amount slated for this year’s event is quite impressive. A total sum of €28.5 million was set aside for the competition.

“Dare to Dream” is the Slogan

Don’t be surprised when the spectators begin to cheer the singers with “Dare to Dream”. Don’t be the odd one out because this is actually the slogan for the 2019 edition of Eurovision Song Contest.

41 Countries are Slugging for a win

The building to this year’s event was a bit intriguing because two countries literally “dropped out of the race”. Bulgaria and Ukraine will both be absent this year after dropping out along the line. This would be the first time they would be absent after joining the contest in 2015.

This leaves 41 countries to slug it out at the finals of the competition.

The Best Singer Never Wins

That is a reality! The best singer never wins at the Eurovision Song Contest. It is up to the guests and the jury to decide. Nevertheless, participants can dwell in the entertainment of the night even when luck doesn’t seem to shine on them.

Given the unpredictability of the competition, it’s important that you start betting on favorite participants/singers before time runs out.


Four presenters will take charge of the competition and deliver scintillating commentaries about the participants and the generality of the event. The presenters are:

  • Lucy Ayous
  • Erez Tai
  • Bar Refaeli
  • Assignment Azai

Final Words

The city of Tel Aviv in Israel will once more be lit up as the participants display their singing prowess to become the next winners of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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