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The recent revelations and subsequent admissions by Volkswagen in Germany smack of the East German doping predications of the 1970’s. Inspired by the need to provide low emission vehicles, particularly in the USA, Volkswagen have admitted that they ‘scammed’ the EPA test procedure by installing software in those vehicles that they thought may be subject […]

The following story was posted online this morning through It’s bloody typical of the USA that when a company that isn’t one of its own does something wrong, that they lambast them. Associate Professor Noelle Selin from M.I.T suggests that Volkswagen ‘could’ be responsible for up to 124 deaths based on the actual diesel emissions […]

Fiat Chrysler parts division Mopar dropped three custom fitted Jeeps into the Frankfurt Motor Show last week. This incursion amply demonstrated to show goers and a worldwide audience on the internet how far you can go to personalize your Jeep. Enter Wrangler Rubicon Sunriser, Cherokee KrawLer and a yet to be released in Australia, Renegade […]

Whilst this report is in context of the American market, it’s an interesting exposé as of the twenty brands featured, as 9 of the 10 brands featured in the “most reliable” are available in one model or another in the Australian market. On the other side of the ledger, of the 10 most unreliable brands, […]

A filter for pushing flowers through A bee uses this to make more honey A beekeepers tool None of the above Actually a pollen filter is or should be known as a cabin air filter – it’s just ‘sexier’ for manufacturers to call it a pollen filter. In normal operating conditions, the filter ‘cleans’ the […]

Whenever I read or hear about union activism my thoughts go back to a song. A song? In 1973, UK band the Strawbs released a ‘funny little song’ as part of their album, “Bursting at the Seams”. Now I’m pretty sure that the Strawbs aren’t around any longer, but the lyrics to that song still […]

If you’re involved in a stock brokerage business or buying or selling on the ASX or NYSE and you use privileged or confidential knowledge that’s not generally available to the market, you could expect to be a guest of the government for a long time. It’s called insider trading. You do get full room and […]

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