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It’s Bob from Car Business
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Buying a new car should one of the best experiences of your life, but sadly it’s far from that. Most of my customers feel frustrated and stressed with the pressure put on them by new car salespeople. And then they come to me

New car dealers want to make as much profit as they can from EVERY customer they speak with. In fact the average profit a dealer makes is $2,800 and that’s only on the car. Add in finance and insurance ($2700) and you’ll see why they want to crunch you for that deal.

Here’s what my customers have to say.

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Thanks Bob for a stress free purchase! Bob was very professional, friendly and approachable. He made the whole process easy. Glad we made the decision to forget the dealers and purchase our new car through Bob!
Kristin Mainey
Bob helped us get a new Outlander. He got a great deal for us finding a car we most definitely would not have found on our own. We will be back to Bob when we need a new car.Bob clearly detailed what he could do for us and what we should expect. We felt he was transparent and worked for our best interests. He was responsive and answered any questions we had.
Andrew and Renee Hammonds
I enlisted Bob to help negotiate the purchase price a small used wagon I wished to purchase. The salesman told me that they could not sell the vehicle for anything less than $20,000 and appeared very reluctant to enter into further negotiations. With Bobs help the car was purchase for $19,100. Much closer to where I was thinking.Thank you very much for your help Bob. You did everything I wished for and I am now purchasing the car I was not sure I would get. You were professional, succinct, kept me informed and were not pushy in any way. Just calm, clear and methodical. I enjoy dealing with people who have these qualities. THANK YOU.
Grace Hickey
I had the best experience with buying my first car from Bob, so easy and stress free. Bob ensured that I got the best possible car for the best possible price, there was no pushy sale tactics like you experience from car salesman's. Will definitely be referring Bob to anyone I know buying a car. Can't thank you enough Bob, will see you some time again!
Caitlin L'Estrange

Now you should STOP and read what I have to offer.

Let me help you to buy any new car cheaper than you can on your own. You’ll be charged a 1 time retainer and if I can’t save you AT LEAST DOUBLE that retainer and you buy your new car from a dealer, I’ll give you the retainer back PLUS 10%. So if you pay me $500 and I can’t beat the best price you’ve had by $1000, you’ll get a refund of $550 – guaranteed.

That’s right – If I can’t save you more than double your membership retainer – you get your money back plus 10%.

NO-ONE else can make that offer to you. Yes, pay my retainer up front ($500) and if I can’t save you more than double your membership subscription, you’ll get your initial investment back plus 10%.

And here’s another thing. You want to make sure you’re getting the best offer right? So why don’t you go shopping yourself. Visit as many dealers as you like, or none, get their best offer and then share that information with me.

I’ll check prices for you and then beat the best offer you’ve had. And remember, if I can’t your membership retainer comes back to you plus 10%.

Retainer Structure

Any New Car up to $40,000$500
Any New Car from $40,001 to $70,000$750
Any New Car from $70,001 to $105,000$1000
Any New Car over $105,000$1250

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