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Whole of Life Cost Comparison – Hyundai v Toyota v Volkswagen

When you’re considering the purchase of your next vehicle and you’re torn between different brands within a category here’s a simple matrix to help you decide. All the information used in this comparison is freely available online. With a bit of inside knowledge, I researched, wrote and published this article within one hour. You can do it too – particularly if you’re about to make the decision to buy a new car.

Manufacturers will try to convince you of the worthiness of their particular brand and most of the larger players invest tens of millions of dollars in marketing to drive you to their brand. As difficult as it can be, try to stay away from emotional advertising. Using my buyers guide will help.

Let’s do an exercise using a Toyota Corolla Ascent, a Volkswagen Golf 90 TSI,and a Hyundai i30sx. All are manual and all are the entry priced vehicle. I’ve used current advertised prices rather than RRP. You may be able to do better when you haggle with the dealer.

Hyundai I30               $20990 (After deducting the current $1000 EFTPOS Card offer)

Toyota Corolla            $23565

Volkswagen Golf        $22990

Fuel Prices based on RACQ “Fair Fuel Price” website at 7.00am on 21.12.2015.Calculation on 18000 kilometres per annum using combination fuel usage as per manufacturer published figures


Hyundai   7.0/100k ULP $1.232 per litre  1 year expense  $1552.32  3 years  $4656.96

Toyota    6.7/100k  ULP $1.232 per litre  1 year expense  $1206.00  3 years  $3618.00

VW         5.6/100k PULP $1.333 per litre 1 year expense  $1343.66  3 years  $4030.98



Hyundai Service   $239-339 every 15,000k             Total    $1056     nb. 75k service $239   90k  service $805

Toyota Service     $140 per 6 months over 3 years  Total    $840.00  75k and 90k service Not quoted

Volkswagen Service  $330-392-562 every 15,000k              Total    $1614           nb. 75k service $330  90k  service $438                  Pollen Filter every 2 years $56            Brake Fluid Change Every 2 years $138


Hyundai Service                $1056

Toyota Service                  $840

Volkswagen  Service       $1808


Resale value was determined by accessing carsales.com.au research a vehicle screen on 21.12.2015. Price indicated is dealer purchase price lower range. Carsales.com.au conditions apply

Hyundai Resale           $10100

Toyota Resale             $10700

Volkswagen Resale     $10100

Insurance quote obtained from Budget Direct online quoting system on 21.12.2015. Based on a 2015 model, for a driver aged 58 years of age with full no claim entitlement. The car is garaged at Post Code 4019. Figures may vary based on different criteria

Hyundai Insurance                  $366

Toyota Insurance                    $350

Volkswagen Insurance            $300

So, what’s the conclusion?

Surprisingly, the Hyundai I30 provides the lowest cost of ownership of our three contenders. Toyota Corolla comes in a very close second, whilst the Volkswagen Golf lags behind in third place.

When you break it down for each year of ownership, the numbers are interesting. Hyundai $5656, Toyota $5891 and Volkswagen $6343. Weekly? $109 for the Hyundai, $4 more for the Toyota with the VW $13 more than the Hyundai and $9 more than the Toyota.

So the real difference comes down to the particular choice of brands. Toyota is renowned for its reliability but not the style stakes. Hyundai has risen through the popularity ranks as far as pure sales are concerned, but their yearly numbers are pumped up with rental sales and by encouraging dealers to call cars as sold when they’re still in dealer stock. Volkswagen has been plagued recently by issues as diverse as transmission woes with their DSG Transmissions (auto), “diesel-gate” on their diesel emissions, which whilst unresolved to date, doesn’t really effect this comparison other than perhaps resale values.

What would I buy? I have a particular soft spot for European cars and particularly Volkswagen Golf. I’d say that the VW is the safest vehicle amongst this lot, so my heart would so the Volkswagen Golf.