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IPhone, IPhone, where the hell did I leave my IPhone.

I’m in Melbourne for a 2 day conference. Grabbed a Silver Top Taxi to the venue on Thursday morning, alighted from the cab and reached for my phone. Not There!  Double checked, triple checked. Left it in the taxi! Hell! No public phone to be found, didn’t have any contact method.

Went into a local EZY MART at the corner of Queen and Little Bourke Streets, explained my problem to the man working there. He gave me his phone to call the hotel (maybe I left it there) and then the Taxi company. Lost and Found department called the driver – no luck according to him. Went inside and fired up the IPad on their WIFI. “Find My IPhone App” located the missing device. Rang the Taxi company to let them know and surprise it turned up – in the Taxi.

Eventually another taxi brought it to me – $15 bucks was a small price to pay. Thanks  EZY MART in Queen Street (He even knocked back my attempt to give him some cash) – bad form Silver Top Taxi Company and Taxi Driver.

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