• A filter for pushing flowers through
  • A bee uses this to make more honey
  • A beekeepers tool
  • None of the above

Actually a pollen filter is or should be known as a cabin air filter – it’s just ‘sexier’ for manufacturers to call it a pollen filter. In normal operating conditions, the filter ‘cleans’ the air that comes in from the outside before circulating it through your fan or air conditioning system.

In its pristine state, it looks something like this:


When it’s past its use by date, it looks something like this:


So what’s the problem here? Most people suffer from some sort of allergy. Do you have something like Zyrtec in your cupboard? Do you have a smell in your cars cabin through the air conditioning vents? Mouldy smell? Old sock smell? That’s arguably your cabin air filter/pollen filter at work or rather not working.

The more humid the area you live in, the worse it’s going to be. I’ve recently serviced an 8 year old Mazda and the state of the filter would cause most people to cringe. In fact that’s the actual filter in the picture. Many customers will tell you that they don’t understand what it is or does or that it’s too expensive. I’ll tell you that it’s an essential part of your cars maintenance. If you or as importantly anyone in your family suffers from hayfever, Allergies or Asthma, the correct maintenance of your Cabin Air Filter is imperative.

The cost? Brand dependent your investment will be around $85 to $125 dollars and that covers around 2 years without another replacement. Do you need a genuine part? Simple answer – No. The part is essentially folded paper sitting in a cradle. So no you don’t have to use a genuine part for this.

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