The recent revelations and subsequent admissions by Volkswagen in Germany smack of the East German doping predications of the 1970’s.

Inspired by the need to provide low emission vehicles, particularly in the USA, Volkswagen have admitted that they ‘scammed’ the EPA test procedure by installing software in those vehicles that they thought may be subject to the test regime.

The obvious question is how high up the ladder that the decision making went. Whilst CEO Martin Winterkorn appears to have fallen on his sword, it doesn’t take much to think that decisions such has this would have involved the senior directors of the company and perhaps board members. Really? Remember back to the Olympic Games and World championships of the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s. East German officials continually denied any aspect of athletic enhancement with the use of performance enhancing drugs.

Their adage? Don’t get caught. And perhaps the Volkswagen problem is the desire to be number 1 irrespective of what it takes. Volkswagen builds exceptional vehicles across their range. Who knows what inspired the company to take this direction. The cost? Forget about how many billions will be paid out in USA class actions. The recent Issue with gearboxes had a significant impact on sales in Australia. That Volkswagen came through this trauma as well as it did was testament to the action they took to re-establish confidence in their brand. This matter is a whole different ball game. Upwards of 11,000,000 vehicles are reported to be involved worldwide. And what’s the conclusion? Will Volkswagen compensate owners for the amount of fuel that they would have used if the pollution settings were correct? What about owners who have sold their cars. What about compensation for those that still have them. Where will it stop?

Americans are renowned for class actions and the feral lawyers are already rubbing their hands together on this one. Do I hear any mutterings from Slater Gordan as yet?

I repeat – Volkswagen sells extremely good vehicles both in Australia and around the world wide. Pride is the option fitted to every VW – German pride in the technology, the design, and the reliability of their product. Don’t let this fillip discourage you from investing in a Volkswagen. I own one and I’m very happy with my decision

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