Volkswagen In Crisis – Michael Bartsch says get lost?

Hello, Bob Aldons from Car Business. I’m an automotive writer and commentator. This is my opinion and that of industry colleagues from Australia and around the world about the Volkswagen ‘Dieselgate’ scandal. Despite admissions in the USA, Volkswagen still denies liability for the defeat device technology for many countries including Australia and even Europe. In Australia, a class action put by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers is progressing, though with every piece of the German stone wall placed in front of it.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire - Volkswagen
Volkswagen reputation in Australia has taken a battering.

Volkswagen Australia’s argument is that their engines met or were better than the current Australian regulations. What VW isn’t admitting to is that every piece of information that they marketed, advertised, or trained their nationwide sales teams to attest, was fraudulent.

Volkswagen Australia – you deliberately misled consumers to believe that your cars achieved a particular economy and a particular environmental position. What you have done or caused to be done has reduced the value of your product owned by normal consumers, small business operators, large businesses, as well as local, state and federal governments.

To achieve an outcome without providing all the facts that would enable the average person to make a decision – is that fraud?

A long time ago, a friend of my family gave me some advice. “Mr. Aldons, throughout your business and personal life” said this esteemed legal man, “use the test of the reasonable man”.

Would a reasonable man or woman have made the decision that they made, given they had all the relevant information to make that decision? Michael Bartsch – you and your colleagues need to ask that question NOW. What would a reasonable person expect?

Hiding your uncomplimentary head in the sand won’t make the problem go away. A reasonable man – a senior executive in Australia would consider the damage that this is doing to the brand, their dealers, salespeople and do something about it.

Michael – it won’t go away, and when the litigators seize on the fact that arguably Volkswagen Group Australia, has by association, perpetrated a fraud on Volkswagen vehicle buyers, then perhaps this matter can be progressed and brought to a conclusion.

Here are some headlines from recent world-wide motoring publications

  • VW diesel crisis prompts special company meeting
  • Court approves VW settlement: Here’s what it means for TDI diesel owners
  • At least 21,000 olderVolkswagen Touareg TDI and Audi Q7 3.0 TDI models sold in the U.S. could end up being bought back by the automaker as part of a 3.0-liter TDI recall,  Volkswagen Australia says most ‘dieselgate’ cars could be fixed but for federal authorities
  • Still no money for Volkswagen customers in Australia even though US owners get compensation
  • AUSTRALIA’S peak motoring body has slammed German car maker Volkswagen for failing to compensate Australian customers after US owners were awarded an average of $US5000 ($AUD6000) overnight.
  • Dieselgate: VW says Australian owners won’t get compensation because no local laws were broken

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