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Any New Car Cheaper

Now let’s have a think about this. Clarkson punches producer. Clarkson is suspended. May and Hammond won’t proceed without Clarkson.


BBC’s top rating show disappears for a year?  The 3 amigos take up an offer from Amazon to produce a Top Gear Style show. BBC announce that Top Gear is back with, wait for it 6 presenters.


Does that make ANY sense to you? Doesn’t to me!


 The BBC has finally revealed all of the hosts on the new Top Gear, confirming multiple rumors. 

From left to right, the newly released picture shows motoring journlaist Rory Reid, racing driver Sabine Schmitz, American actor Matt LeBlanc, BBC radio host Chris Evans, auto journalist Chris Harris, F1 pundit Eddie Jordan and of course, the Stig.

Rumors of Schmitz, Harris and Jordan joining the show have been swirling for weeks and they turned out to be true.

The list of credentials for these folks is fairly long. Eddie Jordan used to run his own F1 team while Sabine Schmitz dominates races at the Nurburgring, her home track. Chris Harris is one of the most famous auto journalists in the business right now and has a massive following.

Rory Reid is the only one of the bunch to have been found through Top Gear’s open auditions. “When I submitted my 30-second audition tape, I knew the odds were very firmly against me,” said Reid. “To be the only person to make it through the open audition process makes me immensely proud. I’ve been a Top Gear fan for decades, but more than that, I live and breathe cars in a way that is perfectly compatible with the show,” said.


The BBC says that new episodes of Top Gear will hit television screens starting in May.