It’s interesting to see the ministrations of local government.

I’ve the pleasure to live on the coast at the southern end of the Redcliffe Peninsula overlooking Moreton Bay. Recently the Moreton Bay Regional Council spent over a week on the foreshore near Scotts Point bathing pavillion moving sand. Workers, graders, front-end loaders, trucks and lot’s of sand was repositioned from goodness knows where.

All my wife and I could so was shake our heads. You see, in spring and summer, thousands of tonnes of sand is dumped on our beaches and in winter, and probably up to the end of September, thousands of tonnes are taken away. Mayor Alan Sutherland and his council crew obviously had the thought in mind, that they can defeat nature and turn the tide.

Only a week ago, the sand that took over a week to place, was rudely taken away in one night, leaving a one-metre face, uncovering the rocks that the workers so carefully covered and essentially leaving the beach in the same if not worse condition than when they found it.

The beach where I reside is in the absolutely best condition in the last 10 years. At low tide, we enjoy a beach of over 20 metres whilst in winter, that reduce to a couple. Invest your precious funds elsewhere Mr Sutherland.

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