YOU WANT HOW MUCH?  What Price a Volkswagen Key?

I had a need to replace a key in my daughters Volkswagen Golf recently.

Not thinking of any other way, I visited my local Volkswagen dealer and priced the job. The key and coding will cost me around $375, but the biggest concern was that it would take 8-10 working days to get a key from Singapore (make that 3 weeks) and I’d need to pay for it up front.

It made me start thinking of alternatives – a dealer will tell you that there aren’t any, but I was able to track down a company in Brisbane that could procure, cut and code a replacement key within 30 minutes.

Here’s a picture of a genuine key and the key that I purchased for $290. Apart from the lack of a VW logo on the back, the fob, buttons and key blade are a perfect match. And it works perfectly, which is the main point

So, if you need to replace a key, you want a spare or you’ve lost all your keys and can’t get into your car, give me a call and I’ll happily arrange a replacement. And for about $70, the company will even drive to your home or business and do it on site for you. Phone 0418 748498

And you want me to wait how long?



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