Queensland Premier Tim Maunder introduced the long awaited annual inspections shortly after attending the Rememberance Day service in Anzac Square yesterday.

Maunder said: Just this morning I was  almost involved in an accident where the driver of the vehicle I was following braked suddenly. The problem that I had was that the car didn’t have any brake lights and went on to say: ” Not only did it not have brake lights, but the driver was carrying a car full of children. My observations is that these unroadworthy vehicles are typically linked to vehicles that are out of their warranty period as a new car. So the legislation that the government will introduce specifies those vehicles that are older than 5 years from date of first registration will require an annual inspection.

We think that this will keep dangerous unroadworthy vehicles off the States roads.

An ROCQ spokesperson who declined to be named, said their the organization would keep protesting against changes to the Traffic Act covering this matter, as there were no reliable studies done on the matter and besides that NSW had annual inspections in place and ” We know that they get everything wrong”

Motor Vehicle dealers and mechanical workshops welcomed the move not as much as they’d be busier in their businesses, but it would keep the dangerous and un-serviced vehicles off the road.

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