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Any New Car Cheaper

129 innocent lives taken in a couple of hours of utter stupidity. ISIS claims responsibility, but the reality is that whichever group is ultimately found to be involved, then these cowards need to be brought to account. The French President, Francois Hollande, indicated that some of the terrorists were home grown but at least one of the perpetrators was a recent refugee with a Syrian passport.

This event was designed to attract as much publicity as possible and to draw into a ‘boots on the ground’ conflict in the Middle-East. My warning to all parties is not to be fooled into a knee jerk reaction. Calm and logic is required and with focus to provide a resolution that serves the majority of countries around the world rather than a few.

So what’s this story got to do with my business? We all need to have an opinion. Not having one and a reluctance to get involved even on social media is an acceptable advocacy of what is happening. Please share this with your friends.