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Could this be the Bugatti Veyron replacement?

Spotted by photographer Erico Hessell between Imola and Bologna in Italy, he saw three matt black cars sandwiched in between two passenger vans travelling at speed.

Would you like one?

The estimate for the Veyron replacement is estimated to be US$2,500,000 BUT as it’s only available in left hand drive, you’ll need somewhere in the States or Europe to keep it. Or you could choose to import it into Australia and only drive it on track days. Yes?

So let’s do the math. With our dollar at .70c to the US dollar, your investment in the Bugatti will be around $3.5 million plus your digs – let’s say Switzerland – will cost around $1.7 million. So around 5 million dollars will get you on the waiting list, but arguably with a nice place to stay. Oh, did I mention you can’t buy a property in Switzerland unless you’re an EU resident?

I can help. With family living in Switzerland, you can allow me to purchase the property for you and you can simply use it whilst you’re there.

If you’re interested, send me an email and I’ll start the process – bob.aldons@carbusiness.com.au But remember, drive safely and enjoy your rid