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Hi, I’m Bob Aldons and I’m about to tell the Volkswagen dealers listed below how they can achieve increased traffic through phone enquiries, internet enquiries and by customers visiting their showrooms – or maybe I won’t – LOL

Of the 16 or so Volkswagen dealers in Queensland, the fact is that there are only a handful of dealers who appear on Google. Or rather, of the 16 dealers in Queensland, only that handful who have reviewes from their customers. Of those 8 only 3 have more than 5 reviews.

How aweful is that? So whilst their businesses invest heavily in new and used vehicle advertising, and service marketing, there just isn’t any attention being paid to arguably the most powerful marketing technique there is.

Seems and justifiably so, that the people who are responsible for marketing just don’t have the time, inclination or expertise to do everything that they need to do. If you look at the list, you’ll find my former business Northstar Volkswagen has a Google Star Rating score of 4.8, whilst the nearest neighbours to Northstar fair pretty poorly or perhaps being a bit more direct – they’re terrible. Norris Volkswagen scores 2.4 and Austral Volkswagen 2.0 stars out of 5. And if the people who run these businesses think that their prospects aren’t looking at the reviews, they badly mistaken. And it just doesn’t have to be that way.

Statistics show that once a customer has decided what brand to buy, they review the places that are local and on the radar before going shopping. Whilst at Northstar Volkswagen, I spent a lot of quality time over the last 6 months (Feb 15 – Sep 15) devising a strategy where I could score well in the Google Star rating mix.

And it worked. From a score of less than 3, I moved Northstar Volkswagen to 4.8 based on 37 reviews. And that includes a couple of very poor reviews (1 star rating) where we weren’t able to determine who the customer was. We still suspect that it was another dealer just giving to us. Why would they do that? Simple. We had customers bypassing both Austral and Norris to come to Northstar to purchase their vehicle. Whilst our analysis may not have been 100% perfect, what we did find was that we were doing around 5 sales a month DIRECTLY attributable to our Google Star Rating.

If you search widely on the internet and you’re well versed on what you’re looking for there are an amazing amount of sites that will guide you through the process of achieving great reviews from customers.

One of the more authorative sites (no, that’s for me to know and for you to try and find) lists a number of criteria that you should implement to achieve greatness for your business.

How many criteria come under the microscope?

It’s generally well accepted that there are 8 categories that form the basis good ranking. My Business Signals, Review Signals, Socail Signals, External Location signals, On-page Signals and link Signals. Within those categories there are 176 specific important and thoroughly researched factors that will contribute to success in online enquiry. And remember that online enquiry converts to telephone calls, Internet enquiries and showroom visits. And remember what I indicated earlier, Northstar Volkswagen increased it’s business from ZERO to about 5 sales per month based on a concerted effort to improve.

And the answer is not as easy as asking for reviews. You might be doing that now, but from what I’m seeing with the other dealers it’s an uphill battle. If you’re a car dealer or any small business and you’d like to advantage of my knowledge and expertise in this area, I’ll work with you (cost dependent on size) and implement a process that will undoubtedly provide you with the way forward in relation to Google Reviews.

Simply fill in the form below.

I’ll contact you and arrange a meeting with you to demonstrate how you can sell more of what you’re selling without a dramatic investment.

Just think motor industry colleagues, if we can together increase your sales result by just those 5 cars a month, your return on investement will approach over ¼ of a million dollars per annum – minimum.

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