California is famed for its citrus orchards, but these lemons don’t grow on any tree that we know of. Friend of Car Business publicationwww.autoguide.com has recently released the list of apples and lemons for the North American market and from this writer’s viewpoint, there weren’t too many surprises.

Toyota topped the list as the most reliable car in the USA, whilst Fiat Chrysler vehicles were at or close to the bottom. One thing I did find interesting was the lofty position held by Mercedes-Benz when I refer to John Cardogan’s article published in a recent rant.

Cardogan would have Australian readers of his blog that MB is a joke. The larger market of the USA doesn’t seem to think so John. In any case, here’s the list. For an explanation, the list shows the number of lemons reported per vehicle produced. In Toyotas case, 1 in 11,655,566 whilst the worst Fiat, has 1 in 76,808.

Honda, Mercedes, BMW and Buick do very well, whilst surprisingly Porsche is third from the bottom. How can a brand that’s arguably built the same car forever be doing so poorly? I’d be interested to know which models within the brands contribute to this score.

As for Fiat Chrysler, Fiat, Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler feature too prominently for my liking whilst Volkswagen (not surprisingly) is towards the bottom of the list. One question though, where is Audi in all this palaver?


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