Jennifer Hawkins and 11 Tips on How to Prepare Your Car for Sale

Jennifer Hawkins
Miss Universe 2004 – Jennifer Hawkins – is a stunning woman

Hi. Bob Aldons from Car Business with 11 tips on How to Prepare Your Car for Sale. Have you ever seen a picture of Jennifer Hawkins (Miss Universe 2004) without make-up? With Jennifer, it doesn’t really matter — she’s simply gorgeous whether she has her makeup done or not. But the same doesn’t apply to the car that you want to dispose of. It not only needs a makeover, it needs it desperately.



11 Tips to Maximize Your Trade in Value
Car owners just don’t get that presentation is the key to achieving a top sale price

It never ceases to amaze me the number of customers that just don’t seem to care about presenting their car for inspection at trade in or sale time.
Cars full of rubbish — old hamburger boxes, empty energy drink cans, make up, and almost anything that you can think of — even dirty smelly socks and used nappies — YUK. Don’t look at your car through rose coloured glasses. Every dollar you spend now will save you the equivalent amount or more at sale/trade in time.
I put this to those people — take $1000 from your bank account and give it to the next person you meet. You just wouldn’t do that but it’s actually what you’re doing when you’re presenting your car for sale. You’re giving your money away.
So, in the next few articles I’ll be writing, I’ll give you my top 11 tips for preparing your car for sale or trade in. In passing whether you do these repairs or not will probably depend on the age and overall condition of your car. Don’t worry too much if it’s over 15 years of age. Other than a wash, vac and glass clean, spending too much money will be a waste — over-capitalising as the real estate agents say. On the other hand if your car is relatively new, perhaps under 7 years of age, then it’s a good idea to invest in some make up. Just ask your better half.


When does she look her best? When she’s just jumped out of bed in the morning or after she’s completed her daily regime including make-up, lipstick. That’s a no-brainer, even for the celebrities.
Let’s get started. Walk around your car with your smartphone. Photograph everything that you think that someone who is buying your car would notice.

So that’s a start — I’ll continue this journey in the next few articles in my next couple of posts — in the meantime, if you want to buy your next new car at the best price, reach out to me through my website

Car Business is a multi-dimensional automotive company that aims to help you to buy your new car for a better price than you can do on your own. Based on the Redcliffe Peninsula about 15 minutes from Brisbane Airport and 30 minutes from the Brisbane CBD, Car Business is located in an area that allows us to pick and choose from Brisbane’s finest new cars for sale.

The ‘go to’ Brisbane car buying agents, Car Business, is so much better than a car broker – first and foremost, Car Business is an experienced Car Buyer’s Advocacy service. Our experienced staff will stand alongside you, and act on your behalf to help you buy your new car at a better price than you can directly through new car dealers.

My goal with Car Business is to provide timely and informative articles on everything to do with cars – used car purchase, new car sales, car service, car finance, car insurance, aftermarket car protection products – everything .

Above anything else, Car Business is a company that provides current automotive advice for car owners who don’t have access to knowledgeable car industry friends. To those of you without someone to talk to, I’m your expert – the car guy.

I’ve been in the car industry since 1978 – covering all aspects that consumers need advice on. I’ve been called a lot of things in my time – The Car Professor, The Car Doctor, and recently the Car Guy, but the bottom line is that I know a lot about this industry. Whenever someone needs some advice – they call me.

In general terms my car advice is free – it’s just something I like to do and my goal is to give back to the community that has treated me so well.

I have access to good quality cars – you can see my current stock by clicking through to Cars Guide. I’m also to search out that particular car that you’re finding difficult to find. I’ve got a great dealer community that I’ve dealt with for many years and these cars don’t even hit the web sites.

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You’ll find varied and wide ranging comment about the car industry and car people. I don’t hold back on my comments – like it or not, my opinions are just that – opinions.

In closing, if you want to connect with me here’s how

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In closing, my passion is cars, car buyers, car dealers, but just about anything to do with cars. But you need to do me 1 favour….

Please drive carefully


Warm regards

Bob Aldons


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