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The first question you’ll ask yourself? What has hanging a gate got to do with the car business.

It’s an interesting question and one that you should ask – or, has this guy gone nuts. The answer is really no. It has plenty to do with the car business and no, I’m quite sane – or at least I think I am.

I was watching a couple of builders at my neighbor’s place this morning as they erected a side fence and then went on to hang the gate. If you’ve ever attempted to do something similar you’ll know that it’s not a simple exercise. Firstly there’s making sure that the dimensions of the gate are correct and that before you cut the timber, you measure it to make sure you’ve got it right. Old builders adage – measure twice and cut once.

However what came to me whilst watching these tradies go about their work was the fact that almost anything that we out our minds to, whether it’s hanging a gate or running a business is all about the foundations. If the tradies hadn’t got the gate supports correct the gate wouldn’t fit or if it did, then it wouldn’t necessarily operate as it should. Same for business – if you haven’t got your foundations right, how can you build a business to last.

If you’re thinking about that deep analysis, let me give you a hand. Reach out to me at Car Business and I’ll be very happy to discuss these aspects with you. You can also reach me at 0418 748498 or bob.aldons@carbusiness.com.au