Let’s be realistic here. If you’ve got a bad credit rating for whatever reason, it’s going to be difficult to buy anything of a significant value. Our role as financiers and buyers advocates is to analyse what you’ve done, how you got yourself into this bind and how we can get you out of it.

It may well take some time, but it’s eminently possible. The first thing you need to do is be completely honest with our finance consultant. If you think you can hide that bad credit from Telstra, Optus or your energy provider think again. Unless you’ve changed your name from Smith to Unfrunctious, the credit search companies will be able to find you.  Lots of consumers have a poor rating with phone companies. How do you think they make so much money? Sign you up on a plan that is totally unsuited to your lifestyle or payment potential and then rip as much out of you as they can.

Same applies to some of the ‘fast’ car dealers and their magical finance companies. They’re looking for desperate people who just want a car despite that it’s way overpriced, and the finance is at 28%. Those cars WILL break down; the warranty won’t be worth the paper it came on and you’ll be in another bind.

Patience is the best policy when it comes to buying a car and having it financed.

Firstly you need to find someone that you can rely on completely. Hopefully that will be It’s then our role to introduce you to our finance arm, 1800Approved. Our guy at 1800Approved will carefully analyse where you’ve been and how we can work through the previous troubles you’ve had.  Once we’ve got you on the right track, and that may take 6 months or more, we’ll then negotiate the best price possible for that new car. And remember a new car takes all the pressure away from breakdowns, warranties and the like. You’ll have up to 7 years of worry free motoring where you’ll only need to pay for your petrol and insurance, pay for your services and of course registration. No mind sapping engine failures or rusty heaps that cause you more pain.

SO take the first step towards owning a new car today. Email [email protected] and we’ll start the process.

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