My good mate Pope Francis (Frank to his friends) turned up in Washington today after spending some time with the people of Cuba. And for all those Pope watchers out there who think that the Vatican takes a Pope Mobile all around the world, think again.

Frank’s chosen method of transport in the USA is a Jeep Wrangler. How do I know that? Check out the picture of the vehicle with the unmistakable 7 slot grille and then you’ll know. It does beg the question as to why. Did Pope Francis intend to do some serious “offroading” during his stay?

Perhaps he’d planned to do the Rubicon trail before jetting off to his next stop. Whatever the case, you can bet that any Jeep aficionado will have spotted this by now and be waxing lyrical. Don’t Hold Back Francis, The Pope bought a Jeep, It’s a Jeep thing – you wouldn’t understand my son. Blessed are Jeep Owners – they will inherit the earth. You can see the bumper stickers now

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