Isn’t it amazing? As we saw fuel prices run up before Christmas, and smack at the start of school holidays, Christmas shopping and dining out, the ACCC advised that they’d investigate pricing.

After Christmas, prices have dropped substantially – surprise! Just today, on my way back from golf, I passed the Woolworths/Caltex servo at Rothwell. E10 unleaded at 104.7c and diesel – my poison of choice – at 106.7c.

After my Woolworths 4 cents and the bonus servo 4 cents, I saved $5.38 on my full tank or in percentage terms 7.5%. The other local service stations were almost empty. The nearby Shell had a couple of cars on their driveway and the Puma, just across the road from Caltex just as quiet.

The discount prices are reflective of the Costco North Lakes pricing.  So my strongest advice is to do some shopping around when next you go to fill up. There will always be a better deal available. Suffice to say despite my normal impatience, I waited about 10 minutes to get my fill.

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